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Jordan Devore: "For what it's worth, Sony and Lucid say they're planning "regular season updates" with new game modes and new characters – that's going to be crucial once Destruction AllStars is no longer included with PlayStation Plus. At this point, with the current outlook, I don't feel like it should ever leave. By all means, claim this game and enjoy it while you can if you have a PlayStation 5. But don't expect it to stay in your weekly rotation for very long. It's a nice enough intro to the console, but it's fleeting."

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Father__Merrin137d ago

This game is likely supported for a long time with seasons unlocks and more maps and cars. I remember years ago trying out rocket league it was barebones look at it now

LucasRuinedChildhood137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Rocket League's core gameplay loop was always excellent though and never changed much. I think this game's gameplay will need to evolve a lot, e.g. modes with weapons strapped to cars like Twisted Metal.

StoneyYoshi137d ago

The Devs have stated that they will be releasing new game modes, challenges, and characters starting this year. From when they have stated, it seems like that have a lot of plans for this game.

jonperlman136d ago

Enjoy it while you can if you have a PlayStation 5.