Silent Hill composer hints at new game coming soon

"You’ll probably hear something this summer to be announced," Yamaoka said. “I think it’s the one you’re kinda hoping to hear about."

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CaptainHenry916168d ago

After playing the Medium just for a couple of hours, it doesn't deserve to be in this conversation.

Stanjara168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

LOL...first comment. Thank you!

I will give you a dislike because its 17

...its fantastic! Brilliant!

SullysCigar168d ago

That wouldn't even be funny. That would make this guy the biggest troll in videogames history lol

Orchard168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

If The Medium was a PS exclusive Sully would think it’s the best thing ever. Heck, he probably thinks Destruction All-stars is good 😂😂

Thundercat77168d ago

That would be even sadder than it's current metacritics score 71.

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Nyxus168d ago

I hope it's true. Konami needs a comeback.

fr0sty168d ago

Without Hideo's involvement, and especially without Del Toro's, I'm not interested. I mean, sure, they made great entries without them in the past, but now that I've seen what it can be with them involved...

TheProfessional168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

You're joking right? Yeah maybe it would have been cool with del toro involved but even he's made mediocre movies like crimson peak (which was the closest thing he's done to something like silent hill) so who knows. And kojima would make it an empty open world where the monsters would have health bars and there would be ads for season 2 of norman reedus the ride everywhere. No thanks.

They never needed them before and as long as they get some of the memebers of Team Silent invovled and as long as Yamaoka is involved then it will be at least decent if not great. Even an average Silent Hill game is better than any of the survival horror they make now.

cooperdnizzle168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

@the professional.

Del Toro has also made critically acclaimed movies like the pans labyrinth and the shape of water, and won the academy on both of those. Which is pretty hard to do once let alone twice, so dead wrong on that front.

Also Hideo is one of the best game developers alive, has shown and proven it more times than almost any other single developer. These are just facts. Your name should be “The amateur”

What have you ever created? What have you done that is 100 perfect? You have some pretty high standards let me know?

I do agree that if they got team silent back together that would be the best option for the game. I would imagine those two working on a video game together with a good budget and time, would turn out pretty amazing.

ANIALATOR136168d ago

No it's original members of Team Silent that need to be onboard. Then we might get a proper Silent Hill game again.

Orchard168d ago

Kojima needs a comeback. Konami should just sell their IPs because they’re done and sitting on a good set of rights.

gleepot168d ago

Gosh if theres one thing I will always remember its the music from Silent Hill. Must be hard to compose static noise.

Vits168d ago

The last decent Silent Hill (2003) was Downpour and that assuming that you manage to make the game not crash. While the last good Silent Hill was probably 3 (2012).

So is far past the time for this series to come back to life. Just hope that is not another butchered remaster or remake.

HarryMasonHerpderp168d ago

Sorry but if original devs from team silent are not involved then I've got no interest. Obviously Akira yamaoka is a win but he's only one ingredient.
It's been so long since this series was good that most people have never even heard of team silent and think it's a series by kojima 🤦🏻‍♂️ PT was great but it was not Silent Hill. Silent Hill was 1-4 everything after that was fanfiction (some decent, most awful). I say all of this with a heavy heart as SH is my favourite franchise. This series is dead though. Nothing would make me happier than to be proven wrong believe me.

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