Games Sony needs to save the PSP in 2009 writes: "The PSP isn't doing too badly when you think about it. Sony entered a handheld market that had been completely dominated by Nintendo for years and managed to take a decent chunk. The problem is that there just aren't enough games. When you think back to all the great PSP games you've played this year, and what's on the horizon, there aren't too many. So, in an attempt to spur Sony and the rest of the video game world into action, we've put together a list of the PSP games that, if they were ever to come to fruition, could save the PSP in 2009."

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Nathan Drake3699d ago

Since the PsP outselling everything in Japan over and over again means absolutely nothing in terms of the hand held still being a very relevant gaming platform and success for Sony

wotta3699d ago

The PSP is doing very nicely thanks very much.

I think the PSP is a great machine and I have so many great games on it I can never decide what to play.

iceman28853699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I love my PSP, it helps me kill time and it is great. Having said that I really only play 5 games (FF tactics, hot shot golf 2, crisis core, patapon, castlevania) and wish them made more that interested me. It seems they are heading in that direction with games like Resistance psp, FF dissidia, Agito, but I wouldn't mind seeing more. That or release more ps1 games on the US PSN so I can put them on my psp and play them.

Edit: I didn't state it in my original comment, but I don't think the PSP needs saving, I would just like it to get more games.

pain777pas3699d ago

What's with all the Sony hate for no reason. DS is good so is the PSP they compliment each other perfectly and I love my PSP because of the multiple functions of the handheld. These sort of articles are just plain FAIL.

The Killer3699d ago

Games MicroSoft needs to save the xbox 360 in 2009, since they have week line up and sony have a monster line up!

i think any article who criticize any console should bring the other consoles into the picture! other wise the article will sounds like a flame article!

Da One3699d ago

I 100000% agree, i thought i was one of the only people who thought this. The PSP and the DS compliment each other so damn well its crazy i hope they continue to do so

krauley3699d ago


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Craig David3699d ago

Sony needs to save the struggling ps3 in 2009 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa

NegativeCreep4273699d ago

Otherwise he'll just end up as another 30 year-old pizza boy.

chasuk083699d ago

At the moment the trend seems to be, if its not outselling its rival then its a flop or is in a desperate struggle for survival.

PSP has sold almost as much as xbox 360 and PS3 combined, so i dont think its in that much trouble.

Just because it doesnt sell as much as the ds doesnt mean it needs saving, same goes for the PS3, and any other product ignorant fanboys like to call flops.

_Q_3699d ago

Does everyone assume the damn PSP needs saving? Since when (Besides launch) has it been doing so bad that it needs saving? Just because the authors may not have one doesn't make it an accurate assumption that the PSP is uber failng. Articles like this only make ppl lose faith in certain platforms for unwarranted reasons. Maybe they need saving =)

Chrysis3699d ago

Hmm to be fair I would absolutely love to see some of these on the PSP. Also my PSP has been untouched for quite a while now. Waiting for decent new releases has become quite painful. I think the last game I bought was Crisis Core.

va_bank3699d ago

I love the PSP, but I haven't bought anything new since GoW (not a fan of the FF series). I'm sitting here looking at Amazon to see if I missed any old games that are good.

Looking at the future release schdule, I don't see anything I like other then Resistance and Samurai Shodown Anthology, for all of 2009. If the rumors are true, maybe Motorstorm.

P.S. They should add trophies to PSP as well.

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