Mass Effect 3 is the Best Mass Effect Game

Mass Effect 3, despite its divisive ending, is the best Mass Effect game for numerous reasons. It's not where you end up, but the journey that matters.

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Knightofelemia69d ago

I played ME 3 I thought ME 2 was better

toxic-inferno69d ago

I agree. However I think they compliment each other. Mass Effect 2 was more of a sandbox, whereas Mass Effect 3 was very narrative driven. Mass Effect 3 wouldn't work if it wasn't for Mass Effect 2.

However, despite its ending, Mass Effect 3 manages to be the single most cinematic game I've ever seen (I'd love to know if there are other games that similarly manage to make you feel as though you're playing a movie).

no_more_heroes69d ago

I hated the reapers getting pissy if I explored the galaxies too long, so I definitely preferred ME2. Spent 140+ hours on that one!

Mulando69d ago

ME 1 is the best. ;)
But that is only my opinion.

Why? Because you see new stuff all the time. In ME2 & 3 (which are also to much action focused IMHO) you more or less already know most stuff. In Andromeda the "new factor" was really bad. A whole new galaxy and just 2 new races ...

toxic-inferno69d ago

I can't even disagree... Each game brought something so different that I could argue why any of them are the best.

Even Andromeda (the worst in the series) has elements that, if focused on independent from other aspects, makes it the best Mass Effect game.

(Waiting for the disagrees...)

gamer780469d ago

I really liked andromeda. Although story wise wasn’t as good as the first three. I can tell you which will be the worst version... the censored legendary edition with no pinnacle station.

Shikoku69d ago

ME3 was the worst it wasn't even what Bioware intended by then. ME1 for me was the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.