Gamezine Reviews Gears of War 2 - 8/10

Chris Capel of writes:

"In the good old days, a sequel wasn't considered worthy unless it truly offered a different experience from the original.

I remember some reviews marking down Thief II: The Metal Age the best game in the best game series ever just because it was too similar to the (utterly unique) Thief: The Dark Project. It didn't matter that it had bigger and better level design and corrected all of the few mistakes, it looked and played the same. Sub-90s scores for arguably the best game in the world.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, Gears of War 2. In these days of sequels coming out for the same system as their predecessors, we take playing the same game twice for granted.

Well tough, I'm an old-school PC gamer, so you ain't getting an easy ride with me Epic. You have to really convince me that I'm not just replaying GOW to earn that coveted '2'.

I'm going to make it very clear right now that I'm not a fanboy. The PC may be my platform of choice, but I'll happily play consoles all the time, especially my 360.

Now that's out the way, let's go over why Gears of War 2 sucks."

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Yoma3699d ago

This is what's it worth (IMO)

Rick Astley3699d ago

Agreed. The Metacritic score will drop if they add this.

borgome3699d ago

I feel sorry for you guys that actually give a crap about what reviewers think about a game. Sad really.

tatotiburon3699d ago

believe me, it won drop as Resistance 2 did, 86% LOL hahahahaha

Fishy Fingers3699d ago

Like an average of 86/100 is a bad score... Some of you kids are deluded. Unless someone you don't know hands it 90+ it's a flop.

WANNA GET HIGH3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

My god why the f dose a flame war start every time a review comes out.N4G is gettin a big fat "LAME"........ :/

kewlkat0073699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

News to me, I though it was in the 90's..but never really bothered to check. I'll borrow it from my cous and check it out. I have and continue to enjoy Gears 2. Beaten 5 time already.

They must be reading he reviews instead of buying that game...

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Truplaya3699d ago

fair enough he gives it 8/10, thats his opinion, but he could have mentioned horde mode - the best thing on it, and the MP a little, they'll last me for many months and even years to come.

techie3699d ago

Well he did say how good it was, and gave it an 8 purely because of the lack of innovation.

borgome3699d ago

Horde mode gets boring after about the 5th try. MP is where this game shines. Just like Halo3 and Cod4 people will continue to play Gears2 MP for years to come......son.

bunbun7773699d ago

I have to say Horde Mode is anything but boring- just watching my roomies go on Insane difficulty- its insane!

Even hardcore difficulty is pretty exciting and entertaining on the higher levels, I think its great. I understand his 8, but using his criteria it seems an 8.5 would have been more fair, methinks he may have planned on the 8 and the impact it may have had. Or he really thinks it's an 8.

kewlkat0073699d ago

I got to Horde 28 with some buddies after one try on Hardcore, We'll have to try again.

borgome3697d ago

Trust me, once finish it on wave 50 you will never play horde again. The only reason I still play horde the odd time is to practice sniping or torque bow.

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hate_me3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

idiot fanboys come sony boys.... run in here and tell everyone what a fail this game is

GiantEnemyCrab3699d ago

means nothing. The game is certified AAA and no late review will change that. R2 was a critical and sales disappointment so they are looking to try and drag Gears 2 down, even though 8/10 is not bad.

Some people don't like the game and that's fair enough but the fanboy bashing is fail because the game is a huge success on all levels.

xbotpleasefixme3699d ago

it's fanboyism when it's a great 360 game getting an 8 but it's a fair review when a great ps3 game gets 8/10 huh crybabies?
point is idiots trust reviews... if you're iffy about a game rent it don't trust some penis lovin' ass humpin' douche on the net to tell you what you like. find out for yourselves!

tatotiburon3699d ago

gamezine lol, desperate for some hits

3699d ago
techie3699d ago

I don't think they need hits. Third top story is an interview with Naughty Dog. Nice try. An 8/10 is a good score.

JOLLY13699d ago

If an interview with naughty dog is a "top story", they don't care about hits at all.

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