Pocket Gamer: Tinker Bell Puzzle Review

Pocket Gamer writes:

"Personally I'm quite a big fan of cute. I like puppies, kittens and LocoRoco and when I first saw Gizmo from Gremlins as a child I nearly exploded.

But everyone's got to draw the line somewhere, and my line is drawn just before fairies. It's a struggle to think of any particular use for fairies. What exactly do they do? Sprinkle fairy dust to make people happy? It is possible my dislike of them is fuelled by the fact that entirely unsuitable and ageing celebrities like Cilla Black and Bonnie Langford always seem to be dressed as them on TV and Tinker Bell the fairy in Peter Pan was a bit arsey.

Anyway, I did put my contempt of Tinker Bell and her freakish little ilk to one side for this review. Something which I recommend anyone with a similar dislike of fairies does, because if you can get past its pixie dust and characters that go by names like Silvermist and float about a twee Pixie Hollow you can enjoy the puzzle side of the game, which is actually quite good."

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