3 Reasons Why The Initiative is Perfect for Perfect Dark

Joey Morrazzo: Why is Microsoft's brand new first party studio, The Initiative, is perfect to create a new entry in the Perfect Dark franchise.

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RazzerRedux235d ago

Darrell Gallagher. Guy is simply great at making games. If he does for Perfect Dark what he did for Tomb Raider then this game is going to kick ass.

Knightofelemia235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

I'd rather have Rare reboot Perfect Dark they built the game on the N64 they built the sequel who better to build the next installment then the team who made Joanna Dark. The Initiative should be working on a new ip for Microsoft and add a new title to the line up. I like teams who built the original game to work on that game I hate it when a new studio works on a title they have never worked on it loses some of that zing that made it a great title.

LeeFender235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Rare said many times in many interviews they are done with doing old IPs. Rare is now and always has been a new IP factory for the first party studio for Microsoft/Xbox Brand. This is why after Sea of Thieves their next game is a brand new IP - Everwild.

Bluepoint also have remade Shadow of the Colossus and Demon Souls and those remakes are absolutely insane. While I get your point in wanting the original team to work on the new game in franchise, but what you have to realize is that times are different now. Super stoked to see what Playground Games will do with Fable.

Terry_B235d ago

Rare is dead since over 15 years.

Terry_B234d ago

What I wanted to say, almost nobody working for Rare today was a part of the company when they created Perfect Dark. The Name and company still exists but it is not a lot more than a name for almost completely different people.

Flawlessmic234d ago

Its a bit stupid to say a studio is perfect to be making a certain game when this is the first game they are making as the initiative.

There is nothing to make that assumption off.

For example if a metal gear solid remake got annouched and it was bluepoint games making it and i said they are the perfect studio to handle that , then that would atleast make sense given previous history

mgszelda1234d ago

I think they should have done a new ip personally