GTA 4 (PC): Several problems solved

According to PCGH Rockstar offered some solutions to known issues of GTA 4 on the PC.

Issue 1: Savegame error
Solution: Log out of Rockstar Social Club or install .net framework 3.5

Issue 2: Geforce 7900 is not working correct
Solution: Use Beta drivers (at your own risk)

Issue 3: General crashes/freezes
Solution: Update your Windows

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steve30x3695d ago

Bought this game today and it is bugged so bad it wont play for me. Cant blame my rig cause it is decent.

Intel Q6600 @ 3.5ghz watercooled
2GB DDR2 1066mhz ram
XFX GTX 280 OC'd
250gig main HDD / 500 GIG backup HDD
1200watt Powersupply
20" Samsung SyncMaster 206BW

I hope they fix this soon.

TheIneffableBob3695d ago

Rockstar needs to release an update ASAP or they will have A LOT of angry customers. It's simply unacceptable to release the game in this state.

cruckel3695d ago

I was thinking about checking out this game on my pc, but if yours is having issues, then I might pass on it right now.

What happened to releasing games that worked from day one? Didn't the console versions have killer bugs on them too?