Kadokawa Corporation forms capital alliance with CyberAgent and Sony

Kadokawa Corporation has formed a capital alliance with CyberAgent and Sony to strengthen its game and animation businesses, the company announced in its financial results presentation for the third quarter ended December 31, 2021

RaidenBlack855d ago

Kadokawa does have Elden Ring maker FromSoftware under its umbrella.

Darkborn855d ago

Wonder if it's why the news about that game has been so dry the last year.

Sonic-and-Crash855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

either way From Soft was always somewhat an unofficial Playstation Studio...they made games for PS since the launch of PS1 ...the relation was always strong .

...though its not the studio that matters most but more the creator/director Miyazaki who probably is the best thing in gaming world that came out from Japan the last years (PS3 era and after) ....from the previous gen developers (who most of them have retired) only Kojima still left active and worthy to represent Japan s perfection in gaming

Orchard855d ago

They also made games for Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, DS, Wii... in fact almost the same number of Xbox games as Playstation.

Orchard855d ago

This equates to 1.93% of the company. This deal is not the reason you haven't seen any updates on Elden Ring.

DashMad855d ago

not really it's aniplex, kadokawa and cyberagent, it's about dealing with anime franchise distribution their localization, and other media adaptation such as live action movie and games, Sony buying crunchyroll in the west and creating partnership in japan was for this since they anounced Anime as new pilar of their bussiness.

not related at all with Elden Ring, elden ring is not even anime lol.

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DeadSilence855d ago

Yeah, Sony now has them locked for the inevitable future acquisitions.

This means that From Software will be a PlayStation Studio.

1Victor855d ago

Is it possible for Sony to acquire from software? Yes
Will it happens?
No one knows

LucasRuinedChildhood855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

I don't think so, tbh. I don't have much knowledge of any of these companies but it seems like Kadokawa is trying to avoid a hostile takeover from another company (Kakao).

This alliance relates heavily to anime as well which is produced by a different division of Sony.

Brazz855d ago

More likely to be something like fusion or absorption. Kadokawa is big and prety much all their business are in line whit Sony entertainment business... From. is just the cherry on the cake, Kadokawa and sony are a perfect match for each other.

Orchard855d ago

1.93% is not how you 'lock in an inevitable future acquisition'. By that logic, Sony are about to buy Fortnite and Unreal Engine 4.

Darkborn855d ago

It's a "partnership". You give and take in them and I'm pretty sure Sony can give them more than they can give Sony especially because Sony owns crunchyroll and funimation.

Orchard855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

@Darkborn Correct, but that's unlikely to yield any game exclusivity. Kadokawa still have to please the investors who represent the other 98.07% and exclusivity reduces revenue and profit, so it's unlikely the other 98% would think that's a great idea.

More likely this deal involves stuff in the anime space than games - especially with the recent acquisition of Crunchyroll.

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Abnor_Mal855d ago

So does this mean that we will see a 60 fps official patch for Bloodborne, or better yet a new Bloodborne game. Will PlayStation be getting any exclusives out of this deal or will it just be limited timed "exclusives".

Pancit_Canton855d ago

This could be huge. Kodawaka is big in terms of Anime & Video Games.

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