Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood – PC Review from Any Button Gaming

Following the success of Call of Cthulhu, Cyanide Studio release their hotly anticipated next game, Werewolf Apocalypse Earthblood. Any Button Gaming takes a peek, to see if we can catch a glimpse of the wolf within.

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sourOG972d ago

Sounds pretty fun. I will pick it up eventually.

Olly_S972d ago

It is fun! Assessing a AA game isn't easy, the bar is so high for the AAA market. But in that context I think Cyanide have done a decent job. If you need more convincing I've got a let's play on the Any Button Gaming channel on YouTube. Feel free to take a look. :)

sourOG972d ago

I didn’t know it was the Call of Cthulhu devs that made this so that was enough for me. I enjoyed CoC so I will give this a shot eventually. I’m in no rush with the backlog.


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yeahokwhatever547d ago

sweet. wrc is an excellent game.


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