AC Valhalla Backlash as Fans Accuse Ubisoft of Focusing on Microtransactions Over Bug Fixes

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been on the market for over two months now, and although the game's in a better state than it was at launch — particularly on PS5 — it still has its fair share of annoying bugs. Some of these issues are minor at best, while others are preventing players from completing quests or advancing the main story.

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phoenixwing72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

those bugs must be egregious if it's to the point people are complaining like this. I'm not buying their next game no matter what they say. They pulled the bait and switch on me with saying there was no paying for boosters then added it a month later after it released. I can't trust this publisher and plan to not really buy games from them now.

Eidolon72d ago

Yeh, get it on discount, when it's complete... might be a while. I definitely have the backlog to wait, and also no next-gen system. 😭😭

72d ago
Atom66672d ago

Not sure I'd ever automatically think Reddit complaints meant they're egregious haha.

But there are some bugs that keep messing with progress for some. I had to do some save reloads, and there are sound bugs here and there.

Boosters weren't necessary at all for me. If you want to skip around and get through the story as fast as possible, you'll either need to drop the difficulty or use the boosters though. I wish they weren't included too, but aside from the free helix points they give you, I never went to the store over 100 hour playthrough.

--Onilink--72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Why do you care if there are boosters? There are people that dont have as much time and prefer to use them.
I’ve never even considered the possibility of buying them playing regularly and if anything I normally have to raise the difficulty.
I just dont get why people say the games are balanced to make people buy them, they are barely a challenge to play on Normal difficulty

PertySlick72d ago

I am confused as well as to why boosters in a single-player game are something to complain about. As long as they aren't required, it does nothing to ruin your game if you choose to not buy them. I would never buy one as it seems ridiculous to pay $60+ for a game just to pay more to rush through it without a challenge. But some people like that and have money to blow I guess. Why shouldn't the dev profit off them? The people that buy microtransactions are literally subsidizing the games I play. Lol!

phoenixwing72d ago

The game having boosters basically to the point that assassin's creed does it means the game was designed around being a slog in order to sell the dlc

--Onilink--72d ago

How though? The game is a slog because its just a big list of pointless activities and an absurldy large empty world, its not gating you at every point or excessively difficult (rather easy tbh) which are what the boosters would help with

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jonivtec72d ago

Im 50hours ish in the game and honestly the bug isnt a concern...the problem is that the game is to long for nothing, repetitive and 95% of in game cinematic and dialogue sucks.They should focus on a more story driven next instead of filler quest and useless protagonist.I just want to finish the game to cancel my ubiplus subscription.

Espangerish72d ago

Playing origins and odyssey and they are hugely bloated with repetitive activities. They would better games if they took 20 hours repetition and cookie cutter locations out for a cleaner more streamlined experience

More is not alway best.

Dee_9172d ago

you just described most of ubisoft's latest titles. Pretty to look at, boring to play.

badz14972d ago

why are they getting great reviews though?

Dee_9171d ago

maybe the reviewers liked them, I however didn't.

Rachel_Alucard72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I will never buy another AC game again after seeing what happened with Odyssey. I skipped out on origins and I'm at least thankful for that, because this new formula for AC is like buying a giant box of bland off brand cookies for $3 at the grocery store with how diluted it is. It's like someone just never stopped water downing the liquor bottle. None of these games ever end it feels like. I don't know how people can just zombie their way through this series and still put it on a pedastal.

Atom66672d ago

Still one of my favorite series. And it's similar to that MP game you might be into, or a lengthy RPG. If you like the mechanics, then it's quite enjoyable during the story, side missions, and random encounters.

The new formula has led to higher sales, so I doubt they're going back.

If you're looking for a 20 hour tight narrative game, they are not for you. Even just focusing on the main story will take twice that time (at least).

--Onilink--72d ago

With Odyssey I was bored after a while but eventually reached a point in progression through some of the major quests to finally pull me in. On Valhalla right now Im at a point where I get bored after 30min of playing haha. Still waiting to see if that story moment to make things click ever happens, but yeah, waaay to much bloat, the maps are unnecessarily big

annoyedgamer72d ago

So...people got tired of climbing towers and revealing the area for the millionth time?

anast72d ago

UBI makes $15 games. They are filled to the brim with micros. It's almost like playing a really nice cellphone game.

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