PS3 price will not rise in UK Although other Sony products might... writes: "Speaking to this site this morning, a Sony spokesperson has denied the suggestion that the price of the PlayStation 3 could actually be forced to rise in the UK, owing to the weakness of the Pound/Euro against the Japanese Yen.

The Pound has lost some 40% of its value against the Yen in recent months, and 20% against the Euro - as the impact of the credit crunch seriously hampers the UK's economic outlook - and Sony have admitted recently that they will have to start charging UK retailers more for their products."

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Jamie Foxx3699d ago

i dont think sony will do this common sense tells me so

Nineball21123699d ago

Well, they definitely won't for the PS3 (according to the article) but as far as their other products... they might.

A company has to make a profit on their products at some point, or they will not continue to exist. This would be unfortunate, but it might be necessary.

pp3699d ago

Hahahhaha hahahhahahaha.

MegaMohsi3699d ago

Sony would be incredibly stupid to do this, they might need to raise prices but that would definitely turn people off hence lower sales. So would they rather have lower sales of higher priced items or higher sales of lower priced items?

doctorstrange3699d ago

the VAT cut should help prices