9.0 Call of Duty: World at War PS3 Review

Gaming.tweaktown: About a year ago, Infinity Ward burnt a DVD and sent it off to manufacturing. Little did they know that this said DVD would become one of the biggest and best games of 2007 and shoot their Call of Duty franchise into the stratosphere. Fast forward twelve months and you have to feel a bit sorry for Treyarch. They have the experience but surely no one could live up to the hype and absolute epic feeling that Call of Duty 4 had. How could they ever match the infamous Sniper level which to this day we feel is the best moment in gaming for a long time? Well they've done it. Against the odds COD WAW is a fantastic game that is worth your time, even though it's set in World War II yet again.

We are surprised at Call of Duty: World at War's ability to keep us enthralled and somehow it seems refreshing to head back to the second World War yet again. It is a nice filler until Infinity Ward release the next iteration of the series in 2009. To the doubters, World at War has proven you wrong. Treyarch has pulled it off and we've said it before and we'll say it here again – at the very least, the last 3 missions are must play gaming.

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