The Great DLC Scam

From Strategy Informer: "I honestly don't have a lot of experience with Downloadable Content. I buy the occasional song for Rock Band, but beyond those infrequent purchases I have thus far pursued my gaming hobby with little desire to partake in this increasingly common utility. On one level I can see the definite benefits of it. If Little Big Planet has taught us nothing, I think it has demonstrated the value of downloadable content and the way it can be used to augment a game. Furthermore, the recent confirmation of the long promised GTA IV DLC is likely to be a boon to a game that is already massive in scale. When used properly I most certainly think that DLC is a great thing, that being said, there are more than a few examples of DLC being used as little more than a new, shallow way to engorge the profits."

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riksweeney3701d ago

You know what I've started noticing? That some trophies (and I imagine Achievements) require you to buy the DLC.

Bioshock's already guilty of this. The bloody DLC costs £7 and unless I get that I can't get a platinum trophy. I can already see it coming:

"Buy the Horse Armour from the PSN Store for £2.99" = Bronze Trophy

gaffyh3701d ago

I used to think that, but all the games (I think) that have DLC don't require you to get the trophies in the DLC to get the Platinum Trophy. That is at least the case for Warhawk anyway.

outlawlife3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

don't buy is that simple

i occasionally buy map packs and such for games if i play them a lot but other than that i rarely find dlc worth my time

unless it is something substantial i don't even look at it

bomboclaat_gamer3701d ago

i dont care about DLC. i see no point in me paying for more sh!t that could have been included in the game at day 1. ive never purchased anything online, and ill never will.

why do people work so hard for achievement points and trophies so much?

outlawlife3701d ago

inferiority complexes

personally never understood it either