Final Fantasy Dissidia "Potions"

There has recently been a banner of advertising on the Japanese Final Fantasy Dissidia Potions! The massive Japanese food/drink manufacturer, Suntory has teamed up with Square Enix to release these 8 limited edition cans. Each can has both a good character and their "evil" counter part on it (ie Cloud and Sephiroth). The good character is put up against a white background, while on the opposite side of the can, their counterpart is placed up against black.

This is definitely an effort of Square Enix's part to ramp up the hype for the multiple Final Fantasy releases coming next year in Japan.

The link is to a Japanese site, but it is pretty easy to navigate through even if you don't know how to read it. Make sure that you click on the individual cans to get a close up of the images that are one each one.


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UNCyrus3702d ago

It would be the prize of my Final Fantasy collection to have the Cloud/Sephiroth can....

mephman3702d ago

These have been on sale for like a month.