IBM Seeks To Tap Cell's Potential

UI researchers are working on turning the state-of-art computer chip at the heart of the new PlayStation into the kind of high-performance supercomputer demanded by today's science at all scales.

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FordGTGuy5714d ago

just for another company to build a chip from scratch and blow it out of the water.

peksi5714d ago

"It is one of the most powerful chips, perhaps the most powerful, in terms of raw power," said Marc Snir, head of the UI Computer Science Department and a principal investigator in the UI's collaboration with IBM to do more than play games on the company's groundbreaking Cell processor.

Sounds pretty impressive, hopefully that means a LOT of untapped gaming performace aswell =)

FordGTGuy5714d ago

is Efficiency vs. Raw Power. Xbox 360's CPU which is more efficient and puts more power down by not having more but being able to utilize all of it. While the PS3 is Raw Power where it has great power but isn't efficient enough to use all of it.