Call of Duty Publishers Sued for Copyright Infringement

Creator of post-apocalyptic and military-inspired images and stories has filed an infringement suit against the publishers of the video game franchise “Call of Duty,” claiming the company’s “Mara” character is copied from his copyrighted character and images.

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Orchard72d ago

Sounds like a pretty open and shut case given they hired the same actor, same makeup artist and asked for the same clothing and makeup as the previous shots.

phoenixwing72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

i checked out the photos and they do look similar enough. I'm sure activision management didn't copy him intentionally. They probably hired someone who lifted the idea of his character. Knowing activision they probably made sure they're not liable for copyright infringement and the restitution lays squarely on whoever was in charge of the artistry.

Edit: yeah i just read the article they did so much work to purposefully copy the guy's photographs it's ridiculous lol
I hope the artist gets his due when it comes to payment for all this.

bunt-custardly72d ago

Out of court settlement in 3...2...1...

KyRo72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

This is such a clutch at straws. They used Alex to model generic military grade gear, posing in generic fashion used millions of times before it in all kind of media.

Alex was known via YouTube with this likness before COD or this clout chasing dude.

This will be thrown out almost immediately.

CorndogBurglar72d ago

How so? They got the same actress, used their photos, had the actress ask for the same exact clothes she wore from the other shoot, hired the same makeup artist, and had them do her hair exactly the same.

How is that not going out of their way to steal that other character's likeness?

KyRo72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Imagine if Sony went after every film studio because a previous James Bond actor wore a tuxedo in another film which weren't James Bond...

You cannot ban and sue for wearing a outfit because you've used it before elsewhere. That's not how it works. If it was highly stylised and it copied that? Sure. This ain't. This is just Alex wearing every day military grade clothing. Her hair and make up has been this way long before COD or this clout chaser existed. This case will be laughed out the of the door.

nommers72d ago

COD publishers sued for copy and pasting? Say it ain't so!