I want Grand Theft Auto 6 to be more like Red Dead Redemption 2

PC Gamer writes: Dreaming of a more grounded GTA.

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isarai98d ago

I sure as hell don't, i went too hard on "simulation" aspect. Killed a lot of the fun IMO.

PoSTedUP98d ago

it added fun for me. i hope its balanced.

isarai97d ago

Shitty fast travel system, barely able to swim 10ft, having to re-equip your long guns everytime you get off your horse, the long LOOOOOOOONG rides between objectives, etc, i don't get how that's fun. Some of the simulation aspects are fun/cool, but some are literally nothing more than cumbersome.

EazyC93d ago

Some people like immersion, which RDR 2 had in spades

Storm2398d ago

I know this is unpopular opinion, but I thought RDR2 was mostly boring. I loved the first one. I hope GTA6 is just plain old fun.

dennigo98d ago

you are 100% correct, i liked the story but too much realism kills the fun part.

stupidusername98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

What you're stating as a unpopular opinion is actually a very popular opinion. Although It's not my opinion as I loved rdr2 and thought it successfully did something different than other games in aspects of immersion when it comes to; simulation, animations, npcs and world building. But I fully get that the game was way to slow for many.

KyRo98d ago

I totally agree. I found RDR2 overly boring because if it.

Fluke_Skywalker98d ago

Totally agree, I wanted to like it so much, but it just wasn't "fun" to play at all. If GTA6 is like that I'll not be a happy chappy.

poppatron97d ago

100% in agreement with you.

They can keep their slow motion realism/simulation and moody story for red dead. Gta is meant to be super fun and fast.
It’s such an enormous earner for them I can’t image they’ll look to alter the formula too much

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Kados98d ago

I just want GTAV campaign DLC.

SickSinceSix98d ago

Having a San Fierro and Las Venturas dlc would have been awesome. An almost 8 year old game getting new campaign dlc though? Doubt it

kevinsheeks98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

that's terrible imo we can get mp dlc all day everyday but not any sp dlc even though they continue to make money and would still make money with sp dlc.

I can't find the article but I remember the company saying if we continue to support them in future products more sp dlc will be made and here we are.

Kabaneri98d ago

GTA4 has better animations and NPC AI than GTA5.

Storm2398d ago

He’s right. GTA4 had a lot of things that GTA5 didn’t have. Tons of YouTube videos showcasing how GTA4 was more advanced in a lot of ways. Hopefully 6 just has a good story, fully featured and is lots of fun

chiefJohn11798d ago

Ya but it had a Boring story, less content, bad protagonist, horrible driving

Profchaos98d ago

Story is subjective I thought it was better than v however. But cars no chance the handling in 4 felt way more realistic car suspension shifted the weight of the car on each turn plus it takes ok skill to master high speed evasions.

V felt like an arcade driving game which required no skill imo it was a huge step back.

KyRo98d ago

Prof and this this the issue. GTA is never about realism. Yes GTA4 went down a more serious toned route but GTA has generally always been outrageous over the top fun. Real life can be dull enough, I don't want games to be to by focusing to heavily on realism. GTAVs car handling was perfect for the game it is.

chicken_in_the_corn97d ago

I disagree. Enemy AI is exploitable in combat. Very predictable

Duke1998d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I enjoyed the wackiness of GTA3, San Andreas and Vice City so much, wish they would go back to that direction. I don’t need a super realistic city/crime simulator

LucasRuinedChildhood98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

You don't think that GTA5 was wacky as well? None of those games have a protagonist anywhere near as crazy as Trevor.

Duke1997d ago

GTA5 was a great game, but a DRASTICALLY different feel from the games I listed. It was far more grounded in reality just with a crazy story line.

GTA3/VC/SA weren't about realistic animations or being bound by "somewhat real-world" physics. They were decidedly more cartoony with everything. I just preferred them for gameplay, but GTA5 of course had the better overall package when you talk about story and character development.

RosweeSon98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Yeah I felt after those 3, 3 and vice being my favs* that 4 went too grounded simulatory? And just a bit bland niko was great character story was cool soundtrack was pretty decent not a patch on the 3 before tho I struggle to think of a tune off top of my head not one I’m desperate to go back to but I did 100% and some 😂😂 felt the handling was too stiff just lost a lot of the fun for me. Don’t get me wrong don’t wanna be surfing cars smashing people Up with giant dildo’s (thanks saints row 😏😂) saints row was alright mainly while I waited for GTA4 but protect the pimp was cool the whole game was a poor mans GTA tho even animations were cut and paste for some parts. However GTA5 just needs to be bigger? Better and just keep doing what they do. They are obviously taking their time with it I just hope it’s not rushed and is half a good as the last one.

*san Andreas was good great even but didn’t like the sim go to gym aspects stats etc learned to love them tho it makes sense type of game it is but wasn’t a fan and yeah soundtrack was brilliant I love hip hop but just preferred first 2 felt they had better settings soundtracks and smaller tighter games compared to SA went a bit just cause massive open game bit empty In places 😂 unless you like collecting any old 💩 😜 waaay too many collectibles on SA.

Safe to say i cannot wait. Also the DLC for GTA4 was some of the best ever shame online was such a beast and GTA5 never got the same but sure GTA6 will make up for it hopefully by end of next year

Sorry last edit just thought this is the first new GTA For 3 generations this is gonna be incredible give them a few months to get best out of Ps5 tho ey 😜🙌🏻 28514; or the other one 🤷🏻‍♂️🥴 😂 12-18 months I cannot wait let’s have it 🤞🏻🤞 27995;

Unknown_Gamer579498d ago

You do realize those games were cutting edge for their time, correct? What you're likely experiencing is the fascinating phenomenon wherein the games created to work within the limits of hardware of the time are regarded as being uniquely enjoyable in a way that only games from that time can be. Sure, modern games are enjoyable in their own right, but they of course have a different flavour to them.

It's no mystery why many indie studios have attempted to recreate games of the past. The 16-bit era has gotten a lot of love, so perhaps it's high time for some AA studios to try and bring back the charm of the 6th gen.

Note though that Rockstar has always been about pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a city/crime simulator, and I doubt that is going to change anytime soon. Also, have you played GTA Online? Clearly even modern GTA isn't all serious business. Heck, there are parts of GTA 5 you should revisit too if wackiness is your thing.

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BehindTheRows98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

No. Let GTA remain GTA. That’s what made it so successful in the first place.

Unknown_Gamer579498d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Agreed. If the author wants to play a RDR game...that's why that series exists. There's more to what makes each respective series tick than the setting. RDR is not an Old Western GTA, and GTA is not and shouldn't be RDR in a modern city.

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