Hands-On: God of War II

At the conclusion of the first God of War, anti-hero Kratos impaled the heart of Ares with his massive Blade of the Gods. As Ares' punctured chest still gushed blood, Kratos then took the throne in Olympus as the new God of War. Since the finale of his first odyssey, the ex-Spartan has used his new powers as a god to quench his voracious bloodlust, ravaging entire civilizations, and commanding his Spartan legions to commit extreme acts of barbarity and heinousness.

The gods have become furious with the carnage Kratos has been responsible for and after an invasion of the city of Rhodes, Athena has stripped Kratos of his divine powers, shrinking him down to the size of a mortal man. Haunted by his personal demons, enraged by the betrayal of Athena, and ready to mutilate his way through a whole new adventure, the Ghost of Sparta is back, angrier than ever, and he's finishing off the PlayStation 2's reign with a sequel that is just as epic as the original.

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