Cancelled Goldeneye 007 Remaster is playable on PC via the X360 emulator, Xenia

DSOGaming writes: "We've said it a lot of times and we'll say it again; emulators are a must for preserving old games. Not only that, but they allow PC gamers to experience a number of console-only games on their platform. And, surprisingly enough, the Xbox 360 emulator, Xenia, is able to run the cancelled Goldeneye 007 Remaster that was recently leaked online."

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StarLink254d ago

Doesn't work for me. When I start the first mission all I get is a black screen (with music)

Vegamyster254d ago

I felt a little giddy when the main menu popped up, so awesome this leaked.

azedean254d ago

I just finished it with Xenia, that was fun but... Damn that was very easy, and very very ugly but fun.