Microsoft: OpenOffice better than Google Apps

Steve Ballmer has insisted that OpenOffice is a far better rival to Microsoft's Office than Google's applications suite, and insisted that he isn't worried about people skipping Vista and moving straight onto Windows 7

The Microsoft CEO, talking at the Gartners Inc conference, told the assembled audience that he did not consider Google the company's biggest rival in terms of applications, in a market that Office currently dominates.

When asked about Google's online applications, Ballmer said: "People don't use it. People try Google Apps, they don't use it. You can't even put a footnote in a document!"

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Capt CHAOS3698d ago

After all, google docs is highly restrictive, it IS a web app for a starter, Open Office is a full fledged application.

However, I use googledocs where ever I can.

elorm93697d ago

Just that it's really hard for me to understand how to use all the features. Word 2007 seems to be more user friendly

Darkseider3697d ago

Now this is some funny sh*t! Microsoft is behind an office suite that is in general competition with its' own simply to take a shot at Google which they despise. What's even funnier is MS has tried SO hard in the past 2 years to discredit Open Office and the .odf format. It can't get any better than this. Note to MS. You can't innovate, your products absolutely suck ass hardware and software.

gw4k3697d ago

Microsoft's products may make people mad and the way that MS operates may piss them off as well, but Microsoft's products have made my life a heck of a lot better!

I use Windows every single day and for the most part, it is a pleasant experience. I use Outlook, Office and much more...every single day.

If it wasn't for MS, my life working on the computer would be much different. It would be almost impossible on a Mac but can be done on Linux, just not as quickly.!

pansenbaer3697d ago

For every product Microsoft puts out for an insane amount of money, there is one for free that works just as good. People just don't know about them or they are afraid to change. I mean, it is hard to avoid Windows unless you are a computer nerd (i.e. building your own computer and running linux) but as far as productivity applications, there is always something either free or better out there. Thunderbird for Outlook, Firefox for Internet Explorer, OpenOffice for MS Office, etc. The only reason they make your life easier is because you have used them for so long and perhaps the company you work for is stuck using Microsoft products.

Darkseider3697d ago

I haven't used a Microsoft product or operating system for nearly 17 years and have not had any problems doing anything. Unix/Linux/VMS have pretty much been where I resided since I started using computers. I have yet to see a MS product make anyones life easier. Spyware, viruses, etc... ripping them apart. The need to run multiple products to protect yourself from threats and in doing so losing out on a lot of system resources. It is ridiculous.

uie4rhig3697d ago

what apps? apps like viruses, which is much less on other OS's? seriously.. as pansenbaer said, for every MS app.. there is a free version that works just as good, if not better, out there.. and if it wasn't for Microsoft, many things on the internet would be free, piracy would be MUCH less etc etc.. but i guess we can't blame MS.. they are just another (very rich) company that try to squeeze their customers out of money.. can't do much about it..

gw4k3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Trust me, I know computers. I have run all major OS's at one time or another. I build computers on a day to day basis. I built a hackntosh not long ago. I write script under Linux and all that fun stuff. Have you ever used Thunderbird? If you have, then you know it is nowhere even close to Outlook.

My web development software (while not a MS product) is only possible on a MS OS (or should I say, only developed on and no other program has come close to it)!

Openoffice? Sure it works and it works pretty darn good! I give it that. But for my needs it is not a fluid or as seamless as Office by MS. Office integrates so many features into one package and it works effortlessly.

While sure, if you want to go looking for a free product that is comparable to MS's products you are liable to find something. For me, I use the best of everything and I won't except anything but the best!

Yeah, you do have a point, MS's OS's have tons of viruses, that is because they are the most used os...and there are tons of holes, I admit that. If you want to game, photo edit, video edit, etc, you go with a MS product, one way or another. This is coming from a expert on the matter!

pansenbaer3697d ago

How is Thunderbird 'not even close' to Outlook? I do use it and I love it. I don't need anything more from it and its free! And can any Office Product convert any document you throw at it into a PDF? Unless the newer versions can do that, the answer is no. Another feature of OpenOffice which you state is lacking. Obviously the choice is the consumers and if they are happy to give away their money to Microsoft, then I guess I will have pity on them...

RadientFlux3697d ago

while I can't comment Darkseider's post as I have him blocked and don't care enough to click on show.

My comments are for gw4k. While haven't used google's web based apps yet so I can't comment on them. I am pretty happy with MS Office, I've never had it crash on me and for the most part the spam filter works.

What some people don't understand is for certain professions it doesn't really make sense to shift away from Microsoft products (at the moment). For example beside designing websites I've also created around 2 dozen PowerPoint presentations and e-mail templates and makes sense to use the most popular product to make sure everything is coded correctly.

Statix3697d ago

I downloaded OpenOffice the other day, when I couldn't get my old Microsoft Word XP disc to work with Vista. The programs I tried work pretty well so far; similar to Office. And the best part is it's free.

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UltimateIdiot9113697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Microsoft needs to stop trash talking. If their claim about Google Apps being terrible is true, why do they care enough to make these claims. Are they scared?

jackgeaven3697d ago

I don't understand why ppl talk so badly about Microsoft Applications.

About Microsoft Office, it was allways the best Office Application in the past, and with the 2007/08 version it's by far the most complete and sophisticated peace of software about office tools.

So yeah, the Google Office Web Application its funny because is web based, but nobody use it for real. If you can't get the best (Microsoft Office) you allways could get Open Office for free. So Google offer its pointless.

pansenbaer3697d ago

Why do they talk so bad? Lets take a look!

Microsoft Office Professional: $499.95 Standalone | $329.95 Upgrade
Includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Accounting, Publisher.

OpenOffice: 100% FREE
Includes Writer (Word), Impress (PowerPoint), Calc (Excel), Base (Access), Draw (Publisher) I could pay 500 bucks to get what I can get for free elsewhere...and people thought the PS3 was expensive at launch...

jamesrocks31473697d ago

microsoft: we are better then anybody

just STFU its not your job to judge. lamest one was

Microsoft: we beat PS3 this weekend. WTF??

they do my heading! all they do is talk b*llshit am glad people realise it...

next it will be

Microsoft: we have the most really products ever.

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