Microsoft: Sony is less supportive of creative staff

Speaking to Kikizo, Microsoft Games Studio's General Manager Kudo Tsunoda has made a few provocative remarks about the Redmond giant's rivals. Tsunoda, who joined Microsoft in January to help shape Gears of War 2, feels that his new employer offers more creative support than any other publisher.

"Every new game I've worked on I've tried to bring some innovation to the title, and not just be making something that's like a knock-off of some other game," he said. "And I think that's why I would want to come to MGS, and also why they would want me to work here. I think they're just always looking for people who can bring really innovative design ideas to the table."

"For some people working in games, it's so much easier to either knock a game that's already out there," he went on. "Or take pieces from a game and assemble it into something else. It's just like all the people who've copied the Gears cover system: "wow there's something that worked really well, let's put that into out game.""

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Chris Hansen3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

"It's just like all the people who've copied the Gears cover system"

Just like how Gears of War copied KillSwitch's cover system? CliffyB is nothing more than a thief. Stealing someone elses idea and acting like he invented it.

Lips, Scene-it, Boku, Forza....

gaffyh3697d ago

Devs always say that Sony never rushes them to finish a game and allows them time to do whatever they want to creatively i.e. Team ICO, Guerilla Games, Level-5 (remember when MS cancelled their project when it was almost complete).

Unlike MS which obviously rushed Halo 3 development and now got rid of ensemble whilst they were making Halo Wars.

boodybandit3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

and utter stupidity / embarrassment.
I let you guys decide which this was.

MAiKU3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

That guy kudo tsunoda even looks like a fool, what's up with that half-bald hair-cut....

They guy shoulda realized what sony does offer on the creativity front, they came out with more innovative and creative games that completely demolish microsoft's.

-That gaming company
-playstation studio
-Media molecule
-Pixel Junk

All four are fine examples of creative game developers highly supported by sony. Especially those who created LINGER IN THE SHADOWS which is not even a game, it's pure art.

fishd3697d ago

That's the main problem of MS,Their gaming division is run by fanboys,stupid fanboys who has nothing else to do but fan the flames of fanboy wars.


Nathan Drake3697d ago

All their rip-offs have tanked

Aclay3697d ago

Sony less supportive of creative staff?

Have Microsoft forgotten about Team ICO and Media Molecule? Both of those studios have put some some pretty creative games, and both of Team ICO's games(Shadow of the Colossus and ICO) are considered some of the greatest PS2 games of all time and are highly regarded.

If Insomniac has been an independant developer for this long and has remained Sony exclusive for this long, then obviously there IS plenty of support from Sony towards creative staff because I don't think that Insomniac would have stuck with Sony this long if they weren't.

Genesis53697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

MS has one great big collective mouth and it never seems to know when to shut up.

BrianC62343697d ago

I didn't waste my time reading this dumb interview. When I saw the part about he chose Microsoft over Sony because Microsoft offers more creative support I knew it wasn't worth reading. Microsoft knows nothing about being creative. Their idea of creative is buy the competition or squish them. I wonder if Sony even offered him a job? Probably not.

jadenkorri3697d ago

this guy hasn't even worked with sony, the whole interview, only mentions sony as a possbible job what he went to MGS, good for him...the main headline is from 360 fanboy Kush_Reaper.... BTW, i laughed my ass off when people were coping Gears of War... Ya people from MS must go really far claiming they created everything orginal...just like avatars was MS original idea....right...

pain777pas3697d ago

The arrogance of M$ is appaling seriously they better qft because I have a strange feeling at the end of the day with all that they have done they are going to be dead last at the end of this gen.

ablecain3697d ago

Microsoft is far and away the least innovative company on the market. They pride themselves in stealing PS3 exclusives (you saw E3 this year), and everything else they've produced has been a knockoff of something else.

Lips, the use of Avatars, that upcoming level creator game... Anybody insisting that MS is innovative is simply foolish.

Flipgeneral3697d ago

made me chuckle... tee hee

Kaneda3697d ago

and the sad thing is people are still buying their products. :) when people work at M$ don't know what they are doing.

Avatar was creative.. NOT!!!

prowiew3697d ago

The title is a little misleading. He never says it like that. People need to read articles.

Beast_Master3697d ago

Yes They are so supportive of creative ideas that is why the ran every last person from the original Rare team to leave. It is why Bungie is on thin ice, why they dispanded Ensemble Studios and closed 3 others. Let's not forget they let Bio-Ware and Pandemic walk over to EA. Yes this is certainly a company I would love to work for.

house3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

wow! if any one pays attention microsoft is the one thats more inecfted with a sickness of not being able to make there own stuff. here take the red pill and wake up cause if you think they have have an open mind you need it

cmrbe3697d ago

Who took big risk on Lair, LBP, Afrika, EOJ?

What creative or new and innovative games have MS FIRST PARTY released?.

Gears cover if from Kill switch and even then they are 3 party.

With comments like these its obvious that MS is loosing it. Wow! just wow.

ShinMaster3697d ago

Sony being called less creative by Microsoft is like being called yellow by a bunch of bananas.

Seriously, Lips, Avatars, and Gears of War's cover system is NOT NEW IN ANY WAY. Not just Killswitch, but also Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror had the cover system almost a year before Gears of War.

P.S. Gears of War 2's cover system was inspired by Uncharted.

Danja3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I didn't even bother read the entire article.....

If this guy think that M$ produces more innovative games than Sony then he's smoking something from another universe..

Heavy Rain
Singstar - was the 1st of it's kind
Eye Toy...

just to name a few..

SaiyanFury3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Wow big shock, another MS employee from EA shooting his mouth off, the other being Don Mattrick. MS seems to enjoy hiring big mouthed ex-EA employees. Like their Windows Vista operating system, MS's employees, at least the ones with microphones pointed at them, are over bloated.

Sony not giving enough creative freedoms to it's studios? BS. Some of the most creative games in the industry have been on the PS consoles. Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, LittleBIGPlanet and the list goes on and on. Sony studios regularly testify that they love working under Sony BECAUSE of the creative freedoms they're given. Don't listen to this PR spin put out by yet another ex-EA staff member. I swear MS hires people not based on ability but based on how much smoke they blow.

INehalemEXI3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Bubs, being called yellow by a bunch of bananas. 2funny.

ryuyasho3697d ago

plagiarism and MS does it with great passion. Check this out, dating back to the N64 era ladies and gents...

talk about INNOVATION... fockers

ahh and for the record , Halo 1 is THE BEST of the 3...

pwnsause3697d ago

"Who took big risk on Lair, LBP, Afrika, EOJ?"

Dont forget Eyepet. If theres any company thats taking big Risks right now, its Sony, the fact that they axed The GetaWay 3 and 8 Days for Eyepet, clearly shows that Sony wants a Huge piece of that Casual Crowd. LBP is a primary example of that as well.

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Euphrate3697d ago



SONYSLAVE3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

poor poor ps3 fanboys takes so little for you to get so mad

just cause the ps3 is in 3rd place still don't mean you have to be so angry at microsoft.

just calm down, go watch some bluray or watch metal green solid 4

xlx-russ nice putting the word gay in those titles thats a really big insult thats like a racist calling obama obama bin ladin

xlx-russ_923697d ago

ok, then u go play some Gayble 2/Gaylo 3/ or Queers of War 2

Nathan Drake3697d ago

Or like how Gears of war copied Kill.Switch,Resident Evil 4,and the God of War series.

It's amazing how ignorant Microsoft's employees are,it truly is.

DarK-SilV3697d ago

waiting for hiphopgamer to smash this idiot

3697d ago
NowGen3697d ago

look how angry sony fans still get just by some dumb article. i think sony fans should be worrying about moving up out of the next gen basement instead of stupid stories like this one.

kevnb3696d ago

singstar is only karaoke, while lips is a game that revolves around karaoke.

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sajj3163697d ago

that's interesting ... how can you be creative if you don't have an office to be creative in? How many more studios are going to get cut? Epic is not under MGS and neither is Bungie (anymore) so please put on your development hat and not your publisher hat. I want MS to start supporting their OWN studios and push out some killer exclusives.

ruibing3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Who fills their arcade with remakes while frustrating developers making original games? Who has just decided to shutdown Ensemble after getting them to make a RTS for the Halo franchise? Who fills their "original" catalog of family games with Scene It (Buzz), Lips (Singstar), and You're In The Movies (EyeToy)? The sad thing is that I can go on.

Kush_Reaper3697d ago

We all know sony are there the innovators. And besides the guy hasn't even work with sony. He is just sprouting fud like the rest of M$ PR's.


kid from brooklyn3697d ago

Innovation = Little Big Planet, Unchartered, Resistance, Killzone, Warhawk, MGS4 & the rest of the unbelievable titles I have enjoyed so far on the PS3. MS has a big mouth and should just shut the F-CK up.

Scotracer3697d ago

How on earth are Uncharted, Killzone and Resistance innovative? They are just run of the mill games. that doesn't make them bad by any means but let's be correct here...

somekindofmike3697d ago

Even though I'm a proud PS3 owner I still have to disagree, Uncharted, Resistance, MGS4 are in no way innovative. I haven't played Killzone or Warhawk so I can't really comment on them, but from what I've seen I wouldn't call them innovative. they're are all just Current Gen versions of their respected genres. They are all great games, but innovative? no.

Little Big Planet is the only game that can be argued to be innovative in my opinion.

I think what it comes down to is what is your definition of innovative?
I wouldn't call Resistance 2 innovative just for have 60player online matches, (as some people on N4G have been claiming) yes it's an great achievement, but more a natural evolution of the online FPS.

In my opinion Innovation is a buzz word which is thrown around too much and has lost it's true meaning in the gaming media.

somekindofmike3697d ago

Man you need to really look up the definition of 'innovation' in my opinion there are approximately 2 or 3 innovative games every console generation if we are lucky. To get onto that list it has nothing to do with graphics! Art style maybe, Jet Set Radio, Okami, Mirrors Edge, Madworld, No More Heros and Wind Waker are all examples of unique art styles not obsessed with polygon counts, however art style alone wouldn't be enough to create an innovative game. (and it doesn't have to be considered at all)

We need to look at the bigger picture with games to truely see what is innovative, and sometimes it's easier to point out innovative games when we look back into the history of gaming rather than try and point out what is innovative today.

kid from brooklyn3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Unchartered has some of the best graphics on a console ever. Unbelievable storytelling and the first adventure game to include an innovative cover system.

Resistance 2 is 3 games in one in my opinion. Coop, Competitive and Single player Campaign. Coop alone is innovation....8 players, different storyline to the original & a balanced system. You simply cannot finish without team work and every class must be equally represented.

Killzone is second to none graphically and boasts a class system that has never been done before in an online multiplayer.

To me this represents innovation. Sony doesn't shine up graphics like what was done with GeOW2 and slap another 60 dollar price tag on the box. A couple of new multiplayer maps and locations does not represent innovation. Innovation to me is something that hasn't been done before or something that has been perfected. I for one do not consider a Garden Sim (Viva Pinata) and a car building game (Banjo) innovative.

Edit @ Somekindofmike We have different opinions of what equals innovation. "Agree to disagree" Ron Burgundy

somekindofmike3697d ago

First off, I will agree to disagree - I'm not trying to change your opinion, I just don't agree with it.

From what you said you put a lot of emphasis on graphics, - based on your comments for uncharted & Killzone. I for one want to know how many times I've got to see a cover system in a game before it stops getting described as 'innovative' regardless of what genre it pops up in. Also Like I said with Killzone in a previous comment, I haven't tried it yet, I will be giving it a go when it comes out. All I've really heard about Killzone is how amazing it looks, maybe I've overlook other parts of the game?

Also from how you describe R2 Co-op in particular I can see your point, it's another game I haven't tried yet but hopefully will be in the near future. whether I think it qualifies as innovative or not I'll have to wait and see.

Anyway Kudos for replying. Bubbles to you for stating your point and not just hitting 'disagree' I respect that.

P.S.Innovative games this gen in my book inc. Portal & LBP (i'll add another post if I think of more)

kid from brooklyn3697d ago

Yes we do obviously disagree as I dont feel something has to be completely different to be considered innovative. If a cure for a disease is discovered using preexisting techniques I would consider that innovative, wouldn't you? I mean no disrespect to anyone on the board by this as I am just trying to make a point. Innovation, no matter field, should have a consistent definition and should not mean something totally different in the video game industry.

somekindofmike3697d ago

I don't believe something has to be comepletely unique to qualify as innovative...

Portal combines First Person Perspective we are very familiar with simple button pushing puzzles, with only the portal gun being 'new'

Little Big Planet is just a platformer combined with physics engine and a really good level editor.

It's all about the bigger picture for me, What do all the individual elements equal up to, and how do they come together?

What I define as innovative I apply to all mediums be it film, books, games, art, packaging, web design, even wallpaper design! anything! However I can only really discuss what I consider to be innovative in areas which I am knowledgeable, and my knowledge is within art and design, medicine being a science isn't really my strong point and I don't think I know enough about the subject to try and claim to know what is innovative or not.

Anyway I'm out of bubbles now, so peace out, besides you win anyway. You got three agrees, I only got two, then everyone got bored of our conversation :)

MONOLITHICIDE3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

actually i thought your guys different opinions on inovation were intriging, that was the first normal down to earth convo ive seen on this sight ever, none of that fanboy bullshit came up between the 2, just 2 different prespectives on what inovation is, i can honestly say i agree with both, some agrees and disagrees with both, good convo.

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