Resistance 2 Advertising Ramps up with 1950s Style Newspaper

PS3 Attitude's Brodiesan writes:

"Media group Future are joining the fight and delivering a 1950s styled broadsheet to highlight the (fictional) invasion of America by Resistance 2's nefarious Chimera.

Scheduled to appear this week, the eight page newspaper will appear in such Future publications as Total Film, SFX, PlayStation Magazine 3, Official PlayStation Magazine and T3. Expect the zine to also appear in cinemas with a total of 550,000 copies to be released making it a much sought after collectible item."

Please note: this is not a duplicate of the recent Resistance 2 headline in morning newspapers story.

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pp3695d ago

Wow Flop 2 Advertising Ramps up with 1950s Style Newspaper interesting.

Dark_Overlord3695d ago

I already have one of these from over a month ago, it came free in the PSW mag