PS3 Attitude Awards; Game of the Year nominees

"It is time for the Big One… Time for you to vote for your PS3 Game of the Year.

The final category in our PS3 Attitude Awards this year is crammed with quality releases from your favourite developers and publishers. But which one stood out above the crowd? Which deserves the highest accolade from you, the people who play the games?

Vote now - you decide the winner…" - excerpt from PS3 Attitude

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Fishy Fingers3700d ago

MGS4 for me. What about you guys?

DolphGB3700d ago

I'm still undecided. LBP is brilliant, I've had the most value out of Burnout Paradise and MGS 4 was 'epic'.

It'll be interesting when we announce the results in mid-December...

pp3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Since all games Flopped on ps3 its a hard choice i'll say Lair or Haze.

xlx-russ_923700d ago

thats wat ur mom said wen i Faked her

Brodiesan3700d ago

But I'm restricting myself to only vote for a game I've played and not get sucked in by the hype (even though I get the feeling both LBP and MGS4 are better than my nomination)

LukaX233700d ago

I love LBP, R2 MGS4 AND Burnout Paradise. Damn, I'll vote for R2 simply because of its re-playability and awesome multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.