PS5 On-Track To Ship 7.6 Million Units by March; Spider-Man Miles Morales Sold 4.1 Million Units

During Sony’s quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki talked about the launch of PS5.

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SullysCigar852d ago

So great to hear the stock drought is finally over - for now at least!

TGGJustin852d ago

How is it over exactly? You still can't get one right now easily. Sony, like many other companies, will continue to have stock issues throughout 2021.

LiViNgLeGaCY852d ago

What? It's absolutely not over dude.

Kilua852d ago

Im still waiting (Since the last restock around 9 jan in my country) with no signs of a re-stock in my country any time soon

darthv72852d ago

Been smoking more than a cigar there sully....?

It aint close to being over.

SullysCigar851d ago

That's the spirit chaps, glad to see you bottled some of that delicious 2020 pessimism in case there was a shortage of that too!

I'm not suggesting you can walk into any store and expect to pick one up, but 7.6 million for the first 3 months of 2021 - while not ideal - is MORE availability than we saw at launch and up to the end of last year.

It's far from a perfect scenario, but finally, there is sporadic availability again, as shown by new people coming into the comments each day and confirming they have managed to get one. But you guys just carry on being dramatic and mope around for another year lmao

Kilua850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

I live in a third world country though - It's naturally for difficult for us over here. Whatever the situation is over there, it's just far worse here. So when we do get stock, it's severely limited, there are scalpers here to compete with as well. We will be last on the list to receive another shipment after America and Europe, australia, new Zealand, etc. It sucks because i really want to play demons souls and astro.

Im not that upset, im just disappointed because i bought (while on special) a dualsense and 3D pulse headset waiting to be used. I dont mind waiting until april, i still have my pro to get me by until then.

SullysCigar850d ago

^ Fingers crossed you'll land one soon, bud - I promise it'll be worth the wait! At least you'll have a load of fun all in one hit rather than waiting around for the next gaming morsel like the lucky few that managed to get one day one.

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Gamist2dot0852d ago

They would have sold 10+ million units if they had the supply.

RememberThe357852d ago

Maybe more. Turns out having literally every 7nm chip go through one plant is not great for manufacturing. Whoda thunk it 🤷‍♂️

Atom666852d ago

Great if you own the plant though.

ABizzel1851d ago

Where else were they going to go? The only other option was Intel who is still on 14nm and NVIDIA. They would have had a 14nm CPU from Intel and an 8nm GPU from NVIDIA most likely a cut-down version of the RTX 3060 (which would be worse than the consoles) with a best-case scenario being a cut down the RTX 3060 ti which would technically be in the same ballpark as the consoles, but with huge improvements thanks to DLSS and Ray Tracing.

Add on to that, they may not be able to get the sale deal on parts since they're going to two different companies, whereas, AMD is providing both CPU and GPU, so they could get anywhere from 40% - 50% off wholesale at AMD, but only able to get around 30% - 35% off whole from NVIDIA (who's all about getting top dollar), and Intel (who's all about getting top dollar, but has real competition for once). This means that $499 console is looking more like a $599 console.

The die size of the chip would be MUCH bigger, because of the two fabrication nodes, meaning it would require a better cooling solution which means a higher price. Guaranteeing a $599 minimum, and neither Xbox or PlayStation really wanted that.

Then compatibility of components changes, optimizing backwards compatability changes due to CPU architecture, maxizing CPU+GPU+RAM+NVMe drivers changes because now everything isn't on a AIO chip.

This wouldn't benefit either of the two companies and realistically only Xbox would be the only one of the two who would even remotely benefit from this change, but only after a couple of years of learning curve, but it could be too late by then with that $599 price.

But a cut-down 3060 ti they would be the better console without question from DLSS alone.

RememberThe357851d ago

I said it wasn't great for manufacturing, not that I knew what the hell would be better. I'm just a dude on the internet 🤣

throne852d ago

seems spiderman:MM is doing really well, not bad for a dlc game lol

JEECE851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Groan. Let's cut that "DLC game" crap. Miles Morales got compared to Lost Legacy in one Bloomberg article, but the reality is that it got way more exposure than LL and was pushed as Sony's big fall exclusive last year (if you don't believe me, get on youtube and look at the difference in views for the announcement trailers of LL and MM), and was the primary launch exclusive for the PS5.

If anything, the sales are soft given what everyone says about how Sony needs to release exclusives cross-gen because PS4 owners will supposedly still come out and buy them. Unfortunately we don't know the split between PS4 sales and PS5 sales of MM, but given Hitman 3 physical sales on PS5 doubling the PS4 version (despite 15ish percent of PS5s not even being relevant in the context of physical games), we can be pretty sure it was lopsided in favor of PS5.

IRetrouk852d ago

Sony putting out some crazy numbers at the mo, the ps ecosystem looking really healthy.

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