EA plans to develop its existing Star Wars series as well as new games

Company previously hinted at plans for a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel…

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CaptainHenry916266d ago

When is EA contract over with the Star Wars games?

NeoGamer232265d ago

The only place I can really fault EA on the Star Wars series is their monetization model for the Battlefront II game.

There was nothing wrong with Battlefront (First game), Fallen Order, or Squadrons. EA has gotten the monetization models back on track and I look forward to them bringing new Star Wars games.

At the same time I love that there will be now competition in the Star Wars universe of games and look forward to other devts/pubs keeping EA accountable for continuing to deliver great games with a pro-consumer monetization model.

darthv72265d ago

I'd be down for a JFO sequel.

Beekay83265d ago

JFO was a bit clanky and not so Star Warsy if you know what i mean. It was missing something and i didn't like the cliche of how the story was... Combatwise was okay plus, but it was supposed to be more than what it was... I hope for a better JFO sequel, but i REALLY hope for a Kotor 3!

Dirtnapstor265d ago

Oh, so now that some other Publishers have their hands on the ip rights, EA is going to actually put some real effort into it?! Whatever.
That being said, Respawn did a fantastic job, and I'm looking forward to their sequel.

Nodoze265d ago

Jedi FO 2 is the only game I care about from EA with this license.