God of War PS5 Update 1.35 Out Now, See The Results of 4K/60FPS Here

PP: The new update is out today and it adds "enhanced performance mode" for the game when it runs on a PS5 console. I've tried it out and it is very, very impressive.

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masterfox140d ago

Man this day for the Playstation and gamers in general has been great so far, free awesome games!, God of War update, news of a Mass Effect Remaster, not sure if missing something. :D

fr0sty139d ago

"60FPS 4K!!! Here's a 1080p video to show it off!"

Army_of_Darkness139d ago

Looks amazing in that smooth 60fps @4k! I'm only 3hrs into it, so gonna just wait for a ps5 before continuing it.

Gridknac139d ago

It looks incredible. It looks just as good as if I were running it on my i7 1080ti rig. I was playing it this morning and it was hard for me to believe I was playing a console, it looks that damn good.

NecrumOddBoy140d ago

This video isn’t even in 4K... wtf

chrish1990140d ago

YouTube takes its sweet time in processing up to 4K.

cyclindk140d ago

You didn’t watch enough ads, you have to watch the 3 full 1:30 minute ads to get that 4K buffer boost.

Dirtnapstor140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Looks incredibly awesome! This could easily pass for a PS5 game. Thanx SM!
Now Sony, will you please remove that stupid red “Greatest Hits” banner across the top of the app. Looks terrible. I purchased this long before it was deemed as such.

Dirtnapstor140d ago

I meant “PlayStation Hits”, Lol.

Gardenia139d ago

Yep I just played it. Switching from PS5 games to GoW is not much of a difference. It could easily pass for a PS5 launch title.

InUrFoxHole140d ago

Mostly a great game. A nice update.

InUrFoxHole139d ago

Yes. Like 95%. My only gripe is the lack of different enemies. I would have liked to have seen more variety. Excellent game. Looking forward to the next.

lazyboyblue140d ago

Look astonishing on my ps5. Great of santa monica and playstation to do these updates because I don't think they were planned originally. I hope the do all their own ps4 published games.

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The story is too old to be commented.