EA "Very, Very Confident" in BioWare's Games Roadmap; Feels "Very, Very Good" About Its Leadership

Today, during EA' quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, the publisher's executives talked about the next Mass Effect game.

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-Foxtrot142d ago

The biggest load of PR bullshit if I've saw one

Basically "Look guys, we have Mass Effect coming, you know the ones you liked from the past but brand new, so there's no possible way we can f*** up, please buy it"

CrimsonWing69141d ago

Well there’s “content changes” to cutscenes, from what I read they’re changing camera angles so you can’t see Miranda’s butt in that space yoga pants getup thing she wears. Certain DLC won’t be in, which the ME3 multiplayer missing is fine with me.

Honestly, it’s such a great series that I’ll still support this release, but there’s definitely some changes that irk me a little.

Vanfernal142d ago

Anthem showed us Bioware sticks to their road maps...

Stanjara142d ago

It runs surprisingly well?

Fonsecap141d ago

Translation: EA "Many, many microtransactions" will be in BioWare's Games; Feels that "much, much profit" will come to our pockets