EA Plans Annual Release Schedule of Racing Games via Codemasters Acquisition

In EA's quarterly financial slides, it mentions that the publisher is looking to release new racing games annually via its Codemasters acquisition.

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Knightofelemia130d ago

Poor Codemasters being bought up by the devil in disguise EA will ruin you like everything else they touch.

Jin_Sakai130d ago

Never fails. The evil mega publishes will gobble up everything they can. It’s honestly depressing.

Knightofelemia130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Depends on the company Sony actually gives a shit when they snagged up Insomniac and left everything as is and for our reward we got a great installment of Spiderman. Most companies will just buy up a smaller company for a franchise or some sort of patent. At first they make it like they actually care and they see you as a key members that are beneficial and a great addition to boost up their egos. But then the real world sets in the absorb you then dissolve you. If you're lucky they might add the what remains to another part of the company to help with work or they will just throw you out the door because they are done with you.

Jin_Sakai130d ago

“Depends on the company Sony actually gives a shit”

Precisely. That’s why I said “evil” mega publishers. There’s actually some good mega publishers such as Sony, Nintendo, etc.

ScootaKuH129d ago

My thoughts exactly. I expect Codemasters to be a shadow of their former selves after this acquisition, and as a result the quality of their games will decline.

I'm sorry to say this but Codemasters have sold out.

excaliburps129d ago

To be fair (kinda) to EA, Codemasters has been releasing a racing game every year for a long time now.

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CrimsonWing69129d ago

annual releases and EA are 2 things you don't want hovering over your game.

Nuvem129d ago

Annual release? I can already tell these games are gonna suck

ScootaKuH129d ago

Yup. Look at how the annual FIFA games have declined in recent years.

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The story is too old to be commented.