Which Console Should I Buy?

In the lead-up to Christmas, gameplayer has assembled a look at the current state of the three consoles and compared them to decide which is the best value for money purchase as of right now. The article examines this by exploring the strengths and weaknesses, the software available now and into the future and the hidden costs involved.

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Hellsvacancy3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Simple - Ps3

Edit. Yes i did read your article not word for word i skipped the wii part because i dont class that as a next gen console its a more interactive board game (again i intend on buyin a wii coz i wanna play Mad World)

Ps. if my loacal second hand shop still has a 360 in there window on friday (pay day) i shall buy it (£60) because i wanna play Fable 2

So soon ill own all 3 consoles but the 1 that will hav the most use for me will b the Ps3 - hence my answer

Just my opinion brother

SlappingOysters3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

You could read the article, which I doubt you did in the minute since I put this article live. Maybe you would see something that would make you want to do a stronger discussion peice 8-)

Edit: No worries dude, I was just being cheeky.

mikeslemonade3696d ago

Not everyone's philsophy is to buy something that is based on what is happening right now. Sure right now if you add up 07+08 the 360 looks like it is better right now, but 08+09 PS3 is going to do better things in 09 than it did already in 08 just based on the lineup of games. I just don't think 360 09 will be able to duplicate what they did 07 with library of games they had that year.

Capt CHAOS3696d ago

And now they are saying 2009 will be.

MS didn't say anything just got on and got the job done.

Aquanox3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Two major flaws in this article though:

1. Mentioning the failure rate without including the 3 Years of Warranty against it.

2. "Suggesting" a new Xbox for 2010 is simply ridiculous. There's no way or reason why Microsoft could be even considering to launch a new box when none of its competitors are either in position (Sony) or in the need (Nintendo) to launch anything before 2012. So, saying things look cloudy from 2010 and above is plain stupid.

Also, don't forget that for those guys with 1080p TVs, the Xbox 360 is by FAR the best option gamming-wise. Games will look sharper and run smoother at 1080p upscaled by hardware on the Xbox 360, whereas the PS3 will either software upscale it (losing performance) or just show images at 720p. That renders the claim of the PS3 being the definitive "HD machine" to scratch. Both consoles have their advantages even in the world of Full HD.

SL1M DADDY3696d ago

This article is not for me. ;-)

godofthunder103696d ago

I'm tired of hearing fanboys telling people to buy the system they have.The only reason they claim the one they have is the best is because they are childish fanboys.

There is only one right and truthful answer everone should tell someone who asked them to buy a system.The right and truthful answer should be what games they like.

Ps3 fans shouldn't tell people to buy a ps3 because they think it's the best and they shouldn't keep saying that it has Br.The fact is that the system you think the best might be the worst system to some one else.When it comes to Br 99% of the time a person what a game player not a movie player.The fact is that every one that tells someone to buy a ps3 are just ps3 fanboys.360 fans shouldn't tell some one to buy a 360.Just because you like the 360 some one else might hate it.

Ps3 fanboys and 360 fanboys should be honest with people and tell them it depends on what game they like.When some one that owns a ps3 or 360 tell someone else to buy the one they havethe other person might hate every exclusive game and every thing about the ps3 or 360.

Just because a person like a certain system they shouldn't tell every one to buy it.The fact is that just because you love it and think it's the best of the 3 doesen't mean that it's a fact,the only fact is that it's their opponion and nothing else.I have a 360 and i love it and wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I think that the games and system is better then the ps3.I still wouldn't tell someone else to buy the 360 because they might not like the same thigs and games i like.

People should be honest and tell people it depends on the games they like.They shouldn't tell someone else to buy the system they have because they like it.The people that tell someone to buy a certain system isn't looking out for the other person.The only thing they are doing is trying to get people to buy the system they like so they can brag that the system they have is selling more then the other one and it's pathetic.People that do things like this are just childish,bias,ridiculious and pathetic fanboys and if i was them i would be ashamed of my self.

SCThor3696d ago

Considering that all consoles have different kind of games that appeal to many people, you have to keep in mind other things.

Take in consideration that you may play with it many hours, so you may want a reliable one, nobody likes to wait a couple of days without gaming because your console broke because of poor quality control.

You may have an HD tv set, so a console that support HD is a must. Sometimes if you feel like watching a real HI-DEF movie that you want to OWN not just rent, you can use your console to do it. If you feel lonely, you can go to their interactive virtual space to meet some random people and have fun playing simple games.

So, choose the console that offer you many of those things and you will be all set, and happy.

solidt123696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I was reading this article until they said the PS3 is $699.99 WTF. I don't know what country he is in but in the US the PS3 is $399 or $499.
He also said "Xbox 360 charges $80 a year for the premium service." WTF planet is he from?

AAACE53696d ago

Buy the one that has the games you wanna play! Look at the list of games for each console and pick the one with the games that interest you most!

Then pick the other systems up at a later date.

sonyandcher3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

solidt12 - I believe the report is from Australia hence the .au extension on the web address. The Aussie dollar sign is the same as the US dollar sign but trades at a slightly lower value to the US hence the higher looking prices. Maybe someone can tell me if that is good value for a console in the AU region?

kunit22c3696d ago

have ALOT of friends? then get Wii. Have a little amount of friends then get Wii or ps3. Have no friends get a ps3. For the Wii is mostly a social console were you USUALY play and interact with other people, where as the ps3 is like half and half, half for the people who sit in their rooms all day and the other half for the people who have alot of friends. Dont even bring in the 360 because i mean you have to pay for online and rrod (red ring of death) were it dies and you have to get it sent in to be fixed and recks your disc and dont not buy a ps3 because of its price i mean thats what people are doing and thats why the ps3's sales are so bad, im sure if they did a price drop there sales would go way up because its actually a good console.

Foxgod3696d ago

i am growing tired of these stupid claims, all of 2007 we had to hear 2008 was going to be great for the ps3 with its awesome line up.
and now we hear the same BS for 2009, wonder if you people can still look at yourself in the mirror and claim that 2010 will be it...

boodybandit3696d ago

Simple - do your homework and purchase the one that suits "your" needs.

hitthegspot3695d ago

Not mentioned in the article... It is important to the consumer to know that the system that they invested in yesterday will not have it's media placed on a shelf or need to still take up room in their entertainment center to play their favorite old games.

jammy_703695d ago

its the future for games, blueray and not dying on you ;)

iHEARTboobs3695d ago

"all of 2007 we had to hear 2008 was going to be great for the ps3 with its awesome line up.
and now we hear the same BS for 2009, wonder if you people can still look at yourself in the mirror and claim that 2010 will be it.."

Was 2008 not great for the PS3? 2009 looks to be another great year also. Was it the year that ended the 360? Obviously not nor do I see the 360 dying until MS kills it.

As for the article, everyone should just base their console purchase based on their needs. A little research on each can go a long way.

SlappingOysters3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Are you serious? You're the type of person that gives the USA its terrible reputation.

The Planet is Earth, beleive it or not there are other countries, and they have other curencys and there is this thing called the exchange rate.

Mini Mario3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Heres a clip i found that i thought might help with some people here deciding which console they wana buy (not me personally but other pplz)

it thought it was very humerous

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Fishy Fingers3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Which ever one you want.

Don't fall for the stealth flame bait article. Resist... ;)

die_fiend3696d ago

None of them, PS3 and xbox aren't actually HD and wii's motion controls don't a PC

SlappingOysters3696d ago

I have a fully speced out PC and I did so to play great games, but I really find myself staying away from it nowadays.

I want to play it, I just... like sitting on the couch. I know it sounds like a lame reason, but it is the main reason.

yoghurt3696d ago

No, Wipeout HD 1080p via HDMI is not HD is it....? weirdo.

My opinion is if you buy a 360 now, you'll only want a PS3 next year, for sure. So save yourself some money and buy the PS3 now, great games already a stella 2009 line-up and one of the bext blu-ray players on the market.

I guess in summary its are you looking for the best console or the cheapest?

borgome3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

PC gaming will eventually be a thing of the past. Consoles continue to gain ground on PC's in every way. People don't want waste money on a costly PC that needs to be upgraded every 3 months.

PC's will continue to serve us in many ways, but gaming won't be one of them.

ErcsYou3696d ago

It dragged on and on and on and on. The 360 wins at the end because its $100 cheaper and it has a larger library of old used games.. This is a guide for gamers with no money,

My advice.... if you like Halo and Gears, buy a 360
................... if you like Resistance and God of War, buy a PS3
................... if you don't really like video games, buy a Wii
................... if you love video games, buy them all <-Sign of a "real" gamer

littletad3695d ago

The "real" cracked me up, cause that's pretty expensive. Though I own all 3 too :(. Truth is, not everyone has the money to buy all 3, and it's silly expensive. So I can see why some fans on here would passionately defend the console they managed to but or afford. Me? I enjoy the 360 just a tad more, but I can't live without some Sony exclusives. But it sure is gaming bliss to own all three, if you can.

WIIIS13696d ago

As someone who has bought all 3 consoles and played a lot of games on each, I would say that if you want to be thoroughly immersed in the world of gaming you should avoid the Wii and go for the 360.