LBP Level "Azure Palace" Deleted Again. Sony Can't Say Why, but Promises to "Evolve" Moderation System

Remember when Azure Palace was deleted from LBP for no known reason? It's happened again. In an eerie case of deja vu for all SackBoys and Girls, Sony has once again moderated the level from the LBP servers -- and they can't tell why. Meanwhile, they have promised an overhaul of the system, including a way for creators to figure out why their levels aren't up to par, even if Media Molecule themselves have called it one of the best examples of user content.

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PS3 FTW3701d ago

That level has almost 400,000 plays and has been in multiple articles of "Top Ten LBP Levels"!

It's an awesome level and deserves a ton of credit. It doesn't have any copyright stuff in it it's all 100% unique! What is going on with LBP? This is a travesty! I hope my Shadow of the Colossus tribute doesn't get deleted :(

Lucreto3701d ago

It is easy to report stuff. This level is famous so people will report for fun. Its sad but it happens.

What is the nmae of your level. I will give it a go and I won't report it :)

3701d ago
Yi-Long3701d ago

... when a user has 'grieved' a level unrightfully (without proper cause) 5 times or more (5 different levels, or 1 level multiple times, doesnt matter), that player should be banned from playing online for a month or so...

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Austin_SJ3701d ago

I bet you there are a least a few Lawyers who go on LBP every day to see where they can file some lawsuits. I hope this gets sorted soon so that good, non-infringing levels stay safe permanently

thor3701d ago

I think it works like this:

Somebody plays the level and presses the select button and reports it.
Since the level has been played 1000s of times, there are many, many reports, accidental or otherwise.
Many players put their own "inappropriate" stickers all over the level and report it also.
The people who are doing the moderation, who are just random employees working for Sony, see all the reports, don't realise what level it is and don't bother to check, and remove it "just to be safe".

In my humble opinion there should be an explanation, a chance to revise the level and remove the material in question, and an appeal process.

drdistracto7073701d ago

OMFG Sony, get your f*ckin act together

littleBIGfail3701d ago

I building another one ... should be ready in august 2014 .. watch this space !!!

sajj3163701d ago

I feel sorry for the guy who made it (donkey show on GAF). The moderation is such pain in the arse!

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The story is too old to be commented.