Majesty 2 confirmed for consoles, Xbox 360 version revealed

In an exclusive interview with Strategy Informer, Paradox Interactive Executive Vice President Fredrik Wester confirmed that Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim would be heading to consoles for the first time since the beginning of the series, although it has only been confirmed for the Xbox 360 at the moment.

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JamieReleases3702d ago

Would be interesting to see what they have done with the controls, since most PC to console ports are fairly bad. Also Paradox has said that the Xbox 360 version will be made differently to the PC.

bumnut3702d ago

command and conquer on 360 worked quite well

thor3702d ago

Majesty was a fantastic game.

There was a sequel in development, then the company making it decided to do other (non-gaming) things and it got canned.

I'm really anticipating this one, Majesty was one of the more original RTSs out there.

ravinshield3702d ago

more exclusives, keep them coming

GiantEnemyCrab3702d ago

Not a fan of console RTS but good to see them trying.

I'm not expecting much from this at all and 1 RTS a year is plenty on consoles. 09 is Halo Wars and I don't expect much from that even.