Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Teaser is Real-Time writes:

"The Uncharted 2 teaser trailer has sent waves through the forums. One question that keeps arising; is the trailer rendered in real-time, or is it fancy CGI? Naughty Dog has exclusively given Gamezine the answer."

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Fishy Fingers3700d ago

Anyone who doubted it was real-time obviously haven't played the first Uncharted. The animations maybe tweeked, but that's about it

PS3 FTW3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Uncharted 1 was AMAZING! Not just visually but every aspect was incredible.

Uncharted 2 will do the unthinkable - Surpass Uncharted 1's quality.

Fall of 2009 when Uncharted 2 releases the universe will implode.

n4gzz3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I didn't like shooting mechanism of uncharted. May be not so much mechanism but running out of bullet was pain. I know it will give more strategic approach but some of us are not good with aiming.
Graphic, Humor and story was top notch though.

I really want to play uncharted 2 but I hope they give more bullet this time. Otherwise, I just rent it.

Final_Rpg3700d ago

I loved the fact that you were always scrambling for bullets. Made you use different types of weapons because you were desperate for anything, and it also added a great sense of urgency/danger.

morganfell3700d ago

Uncharted had a realism albeit a relaxed version. I liked the fact you didn't have endless ammunition to sit back a spray. I loved the fact I would run out and have to run dive roll and fight the next guy barehanded. By the way Treyarch, this is how the fighting in Quantum of Solace should have been.

el_bandito3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Agree with Final_RPG. When you're running out of ammo, its where the adrenaline pumps fast.

Btw, since you're talking about that already, maybe ND could introduce weapons besides firearms. That'd be a nice addition.

Rick Astley3700d ago

You'd have to be a PS3 hater to doubt that the teaser was running in real-time. How many of you morons even played Drake's Fortune? The correct answer is NONE, apparently. And another thing: Gametrailer's videos look washed out 100% of the time. Can't wait to see it running on my 50" Sony Bravia.

Jamegohanssj53700d ago

I knew that it was real time. I can't wait for the game.


ajeben8093700d ago

your the reason developers make games for the casual gamer..."its too hard waaaaaaa". dude it was good because it made u choose your shots wisely rather than spraying every possible corner of the map with bullets.

thor3700d ago

I read a long time ago that melee weapons were one of the things that Naughty Dog said they ran out of time to include in Uncharted 1, but that they would have liked to have included them. I think it's almost certain we'll see a lot of them in Uncharted 2.

alexM3700d ago

It is coming from ND

who has made the best looking console game so FAR on any console

Ofcourse GOW3/KZ2 surpasses Uncharted but nothing else comes close

gaffyh3700d ago

OMG it was real time?!?! It looked way to smooth to be real time, I honestly thought it was CG. Things are looking good for God of War 3 as well then.

el_bandito3700d ago

@ Thor

That's really nice to hear. When I played Uncharted 1, I really wanted to smack those pirates with a machete or something when I ran out of ammo...

kopicha3700d ago

well there was an article awhile ago saying that GOW3 will blow you away when you first see it. it will make you almost not believe in what you see that is actually the game play and not some CGI scene

n4gzz3700d ago

Uncharted sucked for me 'coz of ammo running out. I still think, it should have easy mode or may be cheat option after you beat the game once that you can unlock extra ammo.

don't hate me for this but that's how I felt 'coz its basically shooting + adventure game. It has as much as shooting involved.

LeonSKennedy4Life3700d ago

Did you try unlocking "Unlimited ammo"?

Haha...I can't believe you said that, dude. I don't want to bash you or anything...but it was in there. Plus, you can unlock any weapon in the game to use at any time.

Also...who is SO BAD at Uncharted that they ran out of bullets at any point? Did you people not like RE4 either?

Doppy3700d ago

I guess it's safe to say that GOW 3 is going to be the graphical powerhouse that everyone says it's going to be.

There was a rumor about a week ago that Sony had a private showing of GOD3, Uncharted 2, and I believe Killzone 2 or Heavy Rain.

And what happens a new trailer of Uncharted 2 comes out, with I'm hoping a more detailed trailer of both Uncharted 2 and GOW 3 being shown at the VGA's on Dec. 14.

It seem every rumor about the PS3 is coming true, and I know 2009 will turn the tide in the console war. I expect FF13 to be out in Japan (import baby), Killzone 2 to be great, Heavy Rain to be great, Crysis to come to the PS3 (I have a pretty nice computer but not a Crysis running one), Infamous, MAG, GOW 3 (possibly may get moved to March 2010), Uncharted 2 (loved the first one), Home to be in full effect, PS3 price cut, and just so much more.

BrianC62343700d ago

n4gzz - Maybe you should just learn to aim better. It's actually really easy. Just hold down the L1 button and but the circle on your target. Go for a head shot and you won't use much ammo. And sometimes just run up to the enemy and fight them to save ammo. When you finsh an area run around and find all the ammo laying around. I've finished the game on normal a couple times and didn't run into an ammo problem that much. Most of the time when you get low you'll have another big fight. Run up and kill a couple guys and grab their ammo.

micro_invader3700d ago

lol, n4gzz, you make me laugh. (no offense :) )

ProperFunked3700d ago


even better than MGS4? all the cutscenes were rendered with the in-game engine and that looked amazing as well. except for the in and out 60fps, like in less detailed sections of the game. im sure everyone else noticed that as well.

n4gzz3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I am learning to aim but I moved from pc. It takes time. I am pretty good on COD4 3.22 k/d but I suck at R2 .86 both on ps3. I don't know what but I was just not good on head shot on uncharted. Either way Head shot should be 1 or may be 2 kill but it wasn't like that on uncharted.
I got so frustrated that I didn't even bother after first play through. I literally threw disc away so many times and told myself never touching it again but I put it back and played again.

oh about RE4. I beat that game so many times and I actually had handcock (i think thats what it is called) unlocked.

uie4rhig3700d ago

when i played Uncharted for the first time.. i couldn't stop playing for the rest of the day.. i thought it was too awesome to stop playing it lol.. finished it that same day.. and the next started again.. but like didn't finish it the same day.. yet i still thought that was prerendered.. i never thought the ps3 to be THIS powerful.. i knew it was very powerful but this :O its insane what it can do !! now i'm afraid of it!! *thinks about skynet* :P

INehalemEXI3700d ago

I liked shooting dudes a couple times then decking them to finish them off.

Figboy3700d ago

it's called headshots, people!

the only time i've come CLOSE to running out of bullets is when i was playing it on CRUSHING mode. that difficulty truly lives up to it's namesake, and enemies seem to take more shots to take down (while you take less, of course).

playing on Easy, Normal, and Hard, i never had trouble with ammo.

on average, an enemy takes 1 shot to take down with a head shot (unless you graze him and knock off his hat), 3 shots to take down (body shots), and 4 shots to take down when it's a shotgun guy, or the later enemies that wear armor.

while ammo isn't a never-ending sea, most gamers shouldn't have trouble keeping their gun stocked. also, there's something satisfying about running low on ammo, vaulting over a barrier, rushing forward, and drop kicking then enemy in the teeth, and getting 2Xs the ammo from him when he falls.

Danja3700d ago

everyone knew that it was real time...the 1st Uncharted was mind blowingly awesome graphically...Gameplay was top notch , story was amazing , and the twist as kinda scary caught me off

This games looks amazing....

Homicide3700d ago

Only Playstation 3 games can you compare in game graphics to CGI.

CommonSense3700d ago

IT WAS NOT AMAZING!!! what the hell is wrong with you people?

there was nothing AMAZING about it. these are exaggerated claims. i'm so sick of this BS hype machine from the fanboys. it was an adverture platformer. but i use the term platformer lightly. basically you walked up to rock and jumped on it. you ran to the edge and jumped again. it was the same experience every time and there was nothing puzzling or complex about it.

the action was sub par and clunky. it was basically a frustrating version of gears of war in terms of telling nathan to go up against a wall then fire around the corner.

and as for the article quoting the developer saying that the differences between the cutscenes and the actual game were few and far between... umm...what??? the cutscenes were just motion capped short films. and the game was the same repetitive animations over and over again. The enemies all acted and reacted the same way.

as for graphics, the explosions were an absolute joke. the jungle looked like it was made of plastic. and there is more detail in one character in gears of war than there is in the entire cast of Uncharted.

and before any retard fanboy says i probably didn't even play it. i beat it, i own it. i played through the entire game on the default difficulty in about 6-7 hours. it was a boring, frustrating experience with ONE semi-memorable moment (and that's a relative term to the rest of the horrid experience) and that was the car chase scene.

i fully expect to have this comment ridiculed and have a buncha non-gamer fanboys trash talk whatever they can find, but i'm sorry that i didn't board this ps3 hype train that you've all been riding for a long time. you'd think after all these over hyped, underwhelming games that train would have derailed by now...and yet here we are. praising games that aren't worth the cost of a rental because there's so few games worthy of actual praise.

the end.

solidsnakus3700d ago

come on people. that was as fake as the kz2 trailer. well maybe not that fake. but seriously you have to be really dumb to think thats real. every teaser trailer is CG. GOW3 teaser was also GC and halo 3. every teaser trailer is always CG because its so early in development.

ash_divine3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

neither of the 2 losers above have played the game. Yet feel compelled to pretend that they have and even comment on it. What does that say about them?

PS: solidus, like I said if you've played the game you'd know that the new trailer looks almost identical to the cutscenes in the first. Seriously, it's been 2 years and people still don't believe those graphics are possible. that's a major compliment.

solidsnakus3700d ago

LOL! talk about double standards. ash_divine you havent played the game either so stfu. i playd uncharted 1 and it dosent look like that. this video has a very CG cuality to it. the real game did look good but it didnt look like that video. im shure your one of those dumbasses that say GOW3 trailer was real footage. LOL

cLiCK_sLiCK93700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Gears2(my GOTY)... play it and loved it, but you talk about Uncharted looking like plastic and then compare it to Gears of war?
Come on now, have some common sense.(or change your name)
Gears has plastic all around it. Everything in there, shines giving you that cheap plastic feeling. At times rocks didnt look rocks. They looked like big chuncky pieces of meat.
Whereas Uncharted, their textures feel rough. Almost makes me want to lick it.

At times i would die because its graphics distracted me.

As for the chracter models....those big muscular clay looking models?
The ones with chicklet teeth? The ones running around with nerf guns?
i dont kno why you guys like them so much. There nothing to brag about.

ShinMaster3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

And the same goes for the God of War 3 trailer.

Have you even seen the recent Killzone 2 trailer, comparing it to the first trailer, it doesn't disappoint at all. It impresses.
You're just a clueless sheep, following the 360 fanboy herd of ignorance and PS3 hatred.

There's seriously nothing worse than the Gears of War 2 mega-bullshots.

And just in case I wasn't clear enough. The Uncharted 2 trailer was clearly in real-time. There was nothing "CG" about it. In fact, it was the same character model from the first game. You can tell the snow was being rendered in real-time, as well as textures.

I sense some envy in your part.

gaffyh3700d ago

@common sense - it's quite obvious you have no common sense.

Traveler3700d ago

It was real-time,no doubt about it. For anyone who has played the first one that shouldn't be so hard to believe. Besides, the developers confirmed it. Are people really claiming that they are lying? It does look amazing though so I guess I can see how some people might have been confused.

Elimin83700d ago

Was there ever any doubt.

RememberThe3573700d ago

Since you are expecting this I will fully ridicule you comment.

First you say the game wasn't "AMAZING", well I was amazed, so that must mean something.

Then you say the game was repetitive. WTF? Any game ever made would fit into your description of it being repetitive.

You say that the action was clunky, and I can understand were your coming from. Some times the animations got in the way of quick movement.

Then come frankly the stupidest thing you said so far, you said that the animations were repetitive and that the forests looked plastic. And, well, Uncharted had the most animations I've ever seen, do you hate when people walk because it looks the same every time? And show me a game with a better looking jungle then Uncharted. There aren't many

This is not being "restarted" or being a fanboy, this is me liking a good game. The fact is that every argument you made could be applied to any other game this gen. I can understand that you didn't like the game, but that does not make people wrong if they do.

Rhoic3699d ago

"Fall of 2009 when Uncharted 2 releases the universe will implode."

Isn't that what everyone said about LBP?.. Game is going to be amazing, but come on rofl.

cLiCK_sLiCK93699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

"Fall of 2009 when Uncharted 2 releases the universe will implode."

"Isn't that what everyone said about LBP?.. Game is going to be amazing, but come on rofl."

I dont know about the universe "imploding" , but my living room did. Last time i played game, sales dont determine how fun the game is.
Just look at GTA4.

The XBOT3699d ago

Even though the textures are great it did not fool me one sec that it was not real time. Very good, but not WOW. If you want WOW, you will not find it on consoles. PC is where you will be wowed by graphics. The 360 and PS3 have been on par for a while with the edge going to 360 with most multiplatform games. I can not see one thing about Uncharted that can not be done on the 360. Where does uncharted use that super FLOP (FLoating point Operations Per Second) power of the ps3? I have seen the game, it beautiful, but not revolutionary.

MNicholas3699d ago

Uncharted was the best looking console game. The textures, lighting, extremely high polygon counts (2-3 times those of gears), animation, etc... were all best in class, an amazing achievement. Usually games are tops in one or two areas but this game was tops in a number of technical categories.

Uncharted 2 has to go up against MGS4 and KZ2. Tough but if anyone can do it it's Naughty Dog.

Gears 2 is not the most technically impressive game on console. In fact, it's not even the most technically impressive on the 360. If you look at side-by-side shots with Gears 1 of the same buildings you can see that for Gears 2 they reduced the actual draw-distance (more blurring and fogging) and polygon counts. You can easily see where they removed details from environment objects.

darkdoom30003699d ago


there is an easy mode, also you can unlock unlimited ammo, but it requires a lot of reward points...

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Ashton3700d ago

if you have played the first uncharted you wouldn't doubt it for a second

TheSadTruth3700d ago

You can tell easily looking at the character's hair it's no where near CGI level or the way his feet interact with the snow (or just the snow in general)

but it still looks very good

TapiocaMilkTea3700d ago

I don't see why it can't be real time, I'm not that impressed by it....

Figboy3700d ago

you could possibly be a LITTLE bit bias? i mean, it IS your game you're talking about...

of course, i agree, i've yet to see a game with textures as sharp as in Uncharted. even when scrutinized up close, they hold up (if you get TOO close, a nice blur affect happens).

Uncharted, to me, i still the best looking console game i've played.

MNicholas3698d ago

Uncharted has the best textures of any full 3D action game, not any console game. The best textures of any console game are in LBP.

Uncharted not only has unmatched texture quality for a game of that type, but, as you said, has a smart LOD where they mimic an out of focus effect (blur) when you're too close. Uncharted also remains tops in character detail with 2-3 times the polygon counts of other games on either console. The character detail, the expressions, and animation are superb for not just the main characters but the entire cast.

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PirateThom3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Well, obviously.

No one needed confirmation of that! This is the sequel to one of the best looking games this gen.

iMad3700d ago

Uncharted cutscenes was videos not realtime. Thouse videos 20-30% better in quality that ingame GFX. Here is the same. That is why there is no loading screens, because when video plays next level being loaded.

Shane Kim3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Oh sorry Mr.Bot, I didn't know you worked for Naughty Dog.

Rick Astley3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Just keep pretending to know more than Naughty Dog, iMad. While you're at it tell us how many games you've worked on. I'm sure you enjoy showing us how retarded you are.

Kleptic3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

dude..where to even begin...

graphics were 20-30% better in the cutscenes?...wrong, idiot...they used all the same assets...ND confirmed what you are talking about...background loading was done during the scenes, but the scenes were built using the in game assets, just put into video format on the disc...water was the same, animation was the same, particle effects...different, no just kidding...the same...the games a beast...accept it...ND has done this in nearly every title they have ever made...they NEVER do pre-rendered stuff, and (along with Kojima) pioneered a lot of in game cutscene creation tools...

I know though, games are not supposed to look that good when they are not on the system you own...especially when they release in side of a year from the systems launch...and still reigns as one of the best looking console games of all time...

what are you going to say when killzone 2 releases?...'thats not real, the game is just one big pre-rendered video, you can't even play it'...

I will bet you $500 that you can show a cutscene screenshot...and i'll find an in game screen with the exact same tech...or take one myself...what exactly are you arguing looks better in the cutscenes?...the only thing you can't do in game is move the camera anywhere you want...

please tell us...which of these shots is in game, or from a cutscene?...and if you get it right, please explain to me how that cutscene shot(s) looks any better than the others...

ultimolu3700d ago

You guys...are annoying.


Why do you hate the PS3 so much?

iMad3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

But only on a PC when this video had been captured.

The difference if very low so you thought uncharted had great ingame gfx. IN reality what was cutscenes what looked good. pre-rendered game engine cutscenes what are 20-30% better in quality so you think its ingame.
KZ2 for sure looks good. But ingame uncharted was not so superb as its cutscenes. ingame uncharted had some great textures here and there but all other thing was just standart. first uncharted not used another 256mb of memory as video ram. KZ2 does.

alexM3700d ago

cuz this is really a MAD MAN's comment

Just because it is not possible on RETARDED BOX 3 FIX ME doesnt mean that it isnt possible on PS3

PirateThom3700d ago

The tears are validation enough that it's realtime.

Madbrain3700d ago

You don't have even play Uncharted because you have a Xflop, but you are so [email protected] misery bastard trolling in ps3 news... Why is that? Are you waiting for RROD replacement of your 6th Xflop?

Aquanox3700d ago

No reason to believe it's not Real Time. It's not as if we didn't see comparable Real-Time cutscenes elsewhere. I don't understand how this is still news, maybe at the beginning of the generation but now visuals like that in cutscenes are a given in high profile games.

littleBIGfail3700d ago

I'm building a level on LBP with snow just like uncharted it'll be ready in november 2011 ... it will decimate even the wii.

BYE3700d ago

You obvisiously never played a PS3 game dude, CGI cutscenes are last gen!

PoSTedUP3700d ago

sorry but if you played the first uncharted you would know that it too has CGI graphics and every time you come out of a cut scene it would automatically go to game play with out anything changing, JUST like MGS4.

GVON3700d ago

Sorry but that's wrong mate.

"Patrick: The characters in Uncharted are some of the most impressive video game models to date. They look even more impressive up close in the cutscenes. Are the in-game models any different from the cutscene models?

Richard: Thanks! Nope, the in game models are the exact same models that are used in the cutscenes. They also use the exact same textures. There really is no difference between them at all.

The only difference between the cutscenes and in game is a little higher quality lighting and shadowing. Hopefully not too noticeably different. We really wanted to keep the players immersed as much as possible. This meant using the same assets across the board."

"Patrick: What sets the character models apart from many other games is that it’s very hard to see a polygon edge. How did you achieve such smooth models?

Richard: That was actually one of the trickier things to nail down. It’s also one of the things that we really wanted to focus on.

If you watch the first E3 trailer that was released a couple years ago, you can actually see some polygon stepping in the head of Nathan Drake. That was the first iteration of Nate’s head where I really tried to keep the polys to a minimum for performance sake.

Unfortunately this did not hold up as nicely as we wanted. We all felt seeing any kind of stepping took us out of the experience. So we decided that the characters needed more polygons to get rid of, or at least to minimize, the amount of hard edges seen.

So really to answer the question, its all about the polygons. Nathan Drake and the other main characters are in the upwards of 25k to 30k polygons. Probably one of the highest for a next gen game. It really wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing programmers and engine as well as the sheer power of the PS3. I know that term goes around a lot but really, the machine is a beast!"

It's a good read,seeing as your first post shows you have a interest in the tech side of thing you might find all three parts a good read

NegativeCreep4273700d ago

I can only assume that you're avatar is a photo of you, because with ND's vast history of real-time cutscenes in its games and more verification from ND here, you must be a delusional chronic-smoking d!ck head.

Take that blunt out of you're mouth and try to at least retain some credibility and dignity. Otherwise you'll just be viewed as another xbox troll who ignores facts and history.

Traveler3700d ago

Of course it is real-time. It looks real-time and it looks awesome. The developers confirmed it is real-time anyway, so there is nothing to argue about.

Anyway, I absolutely loved Uncharted and in fact it is one of my favorite games of all time, and I am so excited about Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog are amazing...I mean, seriously, like some of the best artists, engineers, and designers around. Anything they touch is gold in my opinion.

3700d ago
NegativeCreep4273699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I don't know where the hell you live, but here in Los Angeles all of McDonalds burger patties are made with 100% beef, just like Wendy's and Carls Jr.

Nice pathetic attempt at a rebuttal, though. You just demonstrated how stupid xbots are and how out of touch with reality you idiots are.

olivia3699d ago

imad you have to be the first to be a d*ck.on topic i knew that was real come on its the ps3.(LIVE IN YOUR WORLD ,PLAY IN OURS)

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Shane Kim3700d ago

hahahaaaaha, just look at it and sh!t you pants bots.

Shane Kim3700d ago

Hard to tell, I think it's kinda hard to produce a game of this quality on a piece of sh!t hardware wich is only know for it amount of flop games and flop failure rates.