GTA 4 (PC): Radeon graphics cards cause crashes - patch en-route?

According to user reports, GTA 4 PC version is causing trouble with AMD/Ati graphics cards. pcgameshardware says that the game crashes on start up. Possibly the game or the drivers need a hotfix.

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bumnut3697d ago

thats poor!

there are only 2 gpu manufacturers to support!

theDuke3696d ago

They didn't try the crappy game??

Mutley4163696d ago

Did they ever hear of Beta testers?

Maybe this just a small number of cases-

I Call 9MM3696d ago

So much for Games For Windows standards. There supposed to be there to ensure the customer that the game will run properly, on both x64 and x86 based Windows XP or Vista and go through beta testing. Seems Microsoft has been letting any game just take the Games For Windows title and call it a day. I'll be holding off on this purchase.

bumnut3696d ago

out of all the games with the games for windows logo, only fallout lets you sign into live in game.

it should be built into all games

I Call 9MM3696d ago

I agree, if a game says Games for Windows on the cover, it should also be Games for Windows Live compatible, but that should go double for any game that also has a 360 version. I know some companies would rather use their own services for multiplayer instead of Live for whatever reasons, but the single player experiences could run just fine.

MY biggest disappointement was that the Games for Windows (sans Live or with it) was supposed to be a high set of standards that would ensure the user that the games would run right on their systems. Fallout 3 and Gears of War are two examples that I'm of this not being true out of the box (or even after patching so far). Lately, it's just been another fancy logo on the box. In the past, I can't say the Games for Windows games I've had have had any problems (Crysis froze a couple of times, but not very often anymore).

Also though, Fallout 3 isn't the only game that signs into Live. Halo 2 Vista, Gears of War, Kane and Lynch, Shadowrun, Universe at War, Lost Planet Colonies, Juiced 2, Quantum of Solace, The Club, and some others as well. Heck, the service is getting it's first game not available on 360 in the form of Dawn of War 2. That list pales in comparison to what has come out in the last 2 years on both 360 and PC however. New releases like Dead Space, Red Alert 3, Saints Row 2, and FarCry 2 don't use the service at all.

ivor843696d ago

I wonder how much of this has to do with secuROM being installed!!! I haven't seen anyone look toward that as the cause of the problems.

I Call 9MM3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Already reported to be a culprit. This version apparently crashes a lot in the background, and in doing so, also crashes the game. Lame.