PS3 2.53 Update turns Rock Band drums into a microphone

Button Masher reports the following rumour: "Now that an update has finally allowed Guitar Hero drums to work in Rock Band 2, a ButtonMasher community member is reporting that the PS3 2.53 firmware update has broken Rock Band drum compatibility with Guitar Hero: World Tour. He says:

"I go to play some GH:WT with my Rock band drum kit tonight and are prompted to do the 2.53 update. So I do…

Once done I start up GH:WT only to find that now my drums are only recognized as a microphone!""

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windmill1453702d ago

"Update turns Rock Band drums into a microphone"
I'm sorry but the title made me laugh for a second.
Anyways, I just played the drums from RB1 on GHWT in my friends house using his updated ps3 and it played fine, and why are we just hearing this today if the update came out 2-3 days ago. You would think with so many people into RB and GH that this would have been discovered when the update was released. His drums probably just broke or he plugged it wrong, it happens sometimes.

kwicksandz3702d ago

YOu would think after the guitar hero 3/rock band 1 debacle sony would be on the ball with this compatibilty issue. This is one multiplat im glad i bought on 360.

DJ3702d ago

Between Red Octane and Harmonix. Not sure how Sony comes in the mix.

kwicksandz3702d ago

Because their firmware broke it?

Lol was that a joke question...

Duckman333702d ago

>Because their firmware broke it?

>Lol was that a joke question..

Are you serious? One person reports a problem and you take that as gospel? That has got to be the most ignorant thing I have seen. I have an idea for you; Try waiting to see how widespread the issue is before you believe it for truth.

Got to love people to believe everything they read on the net. :/

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Jamegohanssj53702d ago

Wow that's crazy is hell.


BaSeBaLlKiD7213702d ago

can you please explain what the heck is TGSI
i keep seeing that in your every post...

typikal823702d ago

So sing into the drums then? Right?

When god hands you lemons, you find a new god!

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