YouTuber Custom Paints 10ft Tall $70,000 PS5 That’s Functional

ZHC, one of the most prolific artists on YouTube and known for his generosity has been waiting to customise a PS5, but looks like when they were hard to find, he paid for a custom made one larger than the average, almost 100 times bigger!

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SullysCigar142d ago

Lady Dimitrescu, your PS5 is ready! X^D

gaffyh142d ago

i reckon it suits that giant hammer wielding guy more! LOL

MasterChief3624141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

God what is that atrocity of a thumbnail. And the format, music, and editing are total ripoffs of Mr. Beast.

SaveFerris141d ago

The article states the controller is functional, but doesn't mention if the console is?

REDGUM140d ago

Check the 18 second mark. It says "this ps5 actually works"

SaveFerris140d ago

That is nuts. So either they have upsized the internals of a PS5 or there is a regular PS5 inside powering it?

Rambokind140d ago

Congratulations for creating something completely useless and impractical. YouTuber, of course.