How Destruction AllStars' Delay Helped the Team Prep a PS Plus Launch

IGN: "Destruction AllStars' developers explain to IGN how the PS5 exclusive's delay from launch allowed them to set the new franchise up for success with a PS Plus launch."

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StoneyYoshi68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

This definitely was a great decision to launch it with PS+. Like they said in the article. "40 Million PS+ Subs can really help with this game taking off."
Of course you have to take into account that only PS+ Members with a PS5 can enjoy the game but hopefully all the PS4 owners with the subscription at least claim the game so they can enjoy it when they manage to get a PS5 and this game could be very successful if the game is actually fun!

Im excited to give the game a try after work! Who's with me? Feel free to add me if anybody wants to party up for this. PSN: StoneyYoshi. P.S. Leave a note that you added me from N4G since I get a lot of spam requests.

RickRoland67d ago

It’s very fun. Just got a few rounds in