God of War (2018) Enhanced Performance Experience for PlayStation 5

Santa Monica Studios announces free patch that improves resolution and performance for PS5.

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Nyxus1210d ago

Nice! Another one for the replay list.

SullysCigar1210d ago

Hear hear - next up: TLOU2, please!

1210d ago
TheKingKratos1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It was already 4k/30fps on the pro
Making it 4k/60fps that is the goal because the graphics already top notch

This update only look great for ppl who jumped from base ps4 to ps5 .. and didn't buy the pro

TheProblem1210d ago

I’m not sure what you are talking about. They have made it 4K/60fps

fr0sty1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Pro upscaled to hit 4K. Kinda sad Ps5 is having to do the same.

Livingthedream1210d ago

So is this native 4k? Or what's the deal with checkerboard 4k?

IRetrouk1210d ago

Checkerboard rendering on the horizontal lines, the verticle lines are full 2160p.

RememberThe3571210d ago

Syncs to 60 FPS
4K Checkerboard Resolution*

Skate-AK1210d ago

Mary Cerny developed the checkerboarding technique. Here's an article where he explains some of it. https://www.engadget.com/20...

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GamerRN1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

This one has me super excited! This was my main game to finish!

SyntheticForm1210d ago


This is one of those games, like Bloodborne, that I return to over and over. I've gotten the platinum and completed GMGOW, but I'll take any excuse to go back.

Ragnorok is my most anticipated game as of now as well.

1210d ago
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ZAF1210d ago

Awesome, hope RDR2, Horizon and LoU2 get one soon.

neutralgamer19921210d ago

Horizon would be awesome I would replay that but the load times are so long if they can patch it so they aren't as long it's an instant win

GamerRN1210d ago

This was the one I was waiting for! Now I can finally finish it happily!

TGGJustin1210d ago

Great to see this. You could get this if you played the game without patches on PS5 but then you had any bugs they might not have fixed. This new patch fixes that. Sony needs to do this for The Last Guardian as well as that game's patches removed the ability to play it at 60fps

Hellcat20201210d ago

It looks absolutely amazing in the unpatched version
But I will now play it with my save file that has my new game + mode

StoneyYoshi1210d ago

Yeah I just started a new playthrough with the unpatched version. Now I don't have to constantly get bugged about updating the game! 👏

ocelot071210d ago

I'll be playing threw this gem again shortly then. Your turn last of us 2.