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zacfoldor105d ago

Actually, a solid month for me, at least. 3 day 1 games on there and another one I really want.

Jackhass105d ago

Yeah, really not a bad one if you're into Nintendo and/or Japanese games.

Nyxus105d ago

I'm getting Persona 5 Strikers and Bravely Default II. Don't know when though.

Chris_Wray105d ago

Not a bad month really. I'm particularly interested in Little Nightmares II, Werewolf: The Apocalypse & Bravely Default 2

Jackhass105d ago

The original Little Nightmares was definitely underrated -- looking forward to the sequel too.

sourOG104d ago

Meh I’m not interesting in anything. I think feb and March are going to be me throwing money into a pile to buy the 27 games I want in April, may and June.