Nintendo 3DS: Is it Still Worth it in 2021?

The Nintendo 3DS was discontinued late last year. With the Nintendo Switch going full steam ahead, is getting a 3DS still a good idea? Yes!

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RosweeSon71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Absolutely many a great game on the 3ds plus it actually fits in a pocket 😂✌🏻 One of my favourite consoles ever, got mine day1 VC is great and with the ambassador games I got, got games from pretty much all previous gens on it even mega drive game gear some n64 ports, brilliant system rammed with classics. Even has some of its own top *exclusives Pilotwings was great day1, revelations (now available elsewhere) Pokemon X/Y Sun/Moon, Link between worlds, animal crossing, Mario kart 7, one of my favourites Kid Icarus. Luigis mansion 2 (and1) so many great games on various platforms 3DS is a great system.... I’m a fan anyway (if you couldn’t tell 😂✌🏻) what can I say great games and I’m in.
*missed this key word 🤦🏻‍♂️🤗