Ed Boon talks next-gen Mortal Kombat

Gameinformer interviews Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon, where he reveals the next installation of the fighting series will utilize Epic's Unreal 3 technology.

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DixieNormS4906d ago

that is going to be a good looking cat when it come out.

Genki4906d ago

4 or 5 MK games were, I can't help but be extremely skeptical about this next title. Deadly Alliance wowed graphically, but the game itself was monumentally poor. I won't attribute these bad games to the departure of Tobias, as they were bad(save for the first three) when he was around as well, but I really don't think the team understands how to make a good fighter anymore. Oh well, I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I'm not expecting anything better than Bloody Roar.