The 7 Best Free PC Games You Can Play Right Now

PC gamers have benefitted from free games for many years, but here is a list of the 7 best free PC games you can play right now.

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SDuck67d ago

Yes, there's even Beidou in the thumbnail

ecchiless67d ago

im addicted to GI, dont know if i can return to warframe..... gonna try to get octavia prime, but GI addiction is so bad/good.

REDGUM67d ago

A p.c. article in the PS5 section of N4G. Hmmmm

SDuck67d ago

And Xbox One. But this games aren't pc exclusive

Spenok62d ago

Someone doesn't realize how N4G tagging works...

DVAcme67d ago

I would add that the Epic Store has a steady stream of free games, releasing a new one every couple of weeks. My game library's gotten pretty beefy from that.