Kotaku: Ghostbusters Impressions – The Tom Hanks of Intellectual Properties

Kotaku writes: "Nobody looks at Tom Hanks and says "He sucks, I hate him and every movie he's ever been in." Similarly, nobody hears "Ghostbusters" and thinks "They suck, I hate them."

So says Ghostbusters: The Video Game developer Terminal Reality. After enduring a long and painful process to get this game published, I suppose they've earned the right to some hyperbole – and it's not really hyperbole if the game turns out to be as awesome as Tom Hanks, right?"

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coolfool3701d ago

When did this become "Ghostbusters The Video Game" and not Ghostbusters 3? I guess the reason for the change is that they are actually seriously considering the movie now. I read an article in the latest Empire magazine stating that all the stars probably would do a movie if the script was right.