New Jak game is a PSP title

Yesterday someone reported that we will soon see a new Jak game, today there is some proof that this new Jak game isn't a PS3 title but a PSP game. Click on read more for the full story


These are the exact quotes from the guy who said this, afterwards he deleted it:

OK. Anyone notice I hinted at the Uncharted 2 reveal before the end of the year? I hinted at something else...

"It's not PS3"

"Jak and Daxter will be out for the PSP soon."

"Clever. Ain't Naughty Dog either.

So there could be another Naughty Dog game. i won't tell you about."

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trpride3704d ago

I was hoping for a PS3 game but a PSP title? Well, why not :)

slapsta723704d ago

oh, lotta ppl gonna be pissed..

Nathan Drake3704d ago

With Uncharted 2 formally announced,you'd have to be a doorknob to think they can pull off 2 AAA quality CONSOLE games at the same time considering their team size and development costs.

It makes perfect sense if it's a PsP title,heck,they may not even be the developers of the game.

And lastly,Daxter absolutely rocked on PsP,so it's a given fact that Jak&Daxter can translate perfectly onto Sony's award winning handheld.

RememberThe3573704d ago

I haven't been playing my PSP that much, so anything is welcome.

gaffyh3704d ago

Oh please now, I do have a PSP but I'd like to play Jak in HD. It's not too much of a problem if the game comes out for PSP, but I would be a little disappointed.

Beast_Master3703d ago

Considering their are 2x as many PSP owners than PS3, I am sure alot of people will be happy. I am getting a PSP for x mas and really only have about 3-4 games I really want to play before Resistance comes out. So bring on Jax and Patapon 2.

boodybandit3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I wont be pissed but I will be disappointed.
I guess I will just have to break down and pick up a PSP.

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CloudsEnd3704d ago

Well not pleased but... atleast a sequel.. ?

byeGollum3704d ago

alot of games i missed out on during ps2 days like God Of War .. i got to play them on psp ... i didnt get enough of jak during the ps2 dayz .. ill gladly play one on psp anyday. Naughty Dog are only human .. right now they are working on Uncharted 2, eventually you will see a jak ps3 game, just not for a while.

techie3704d ago

I don't see the quotations. This is a big phat rumour

Fishy Fingers3704d ago

So that makes it no different from the original rumour. Pure speculation.

techie3704d ago

HAHAHA this is hilarious. Why don't they just email me and ask me?

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The story is too old to be commented.