Vault Network: Everquest II: The Shadow Odyssey Review

Vault Network writes: "Sony Online Entertainment's "The Shadow Odyssey" is EverQuest II's fifth expansion, drawing on nostalgic EverQuest themed dungeons and zones to create new adventures, while at the same time expanding the gameplay beyond the traditional "dragons and elves" fantasy realm with the introduction of limited technology and an attack by extra-terrestrial beings. On the one-expansion-a-year track, the EverQuest II team has had time to come up with more thoughtful gameplay and correct some of the game's class balance problems."

+More group-oriented content
+Adds thinking encounters to a "tank and spank" game
+Fixed some class balance issues
+Gives more character customization options
+Mew map system
+Hard enough that the expansion may contain enough material to last 12 months

-Encounters are difficult and require a level of play casual players may not be accustomed to
-Solo and small group play options are limited

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baraka0073702d ago

Sorry guys but I have got to rant about this one. So many things wrong with this review. Every con is what eq2 players ask for. EQ2 is an easy game compared to eq1 and they made it harder because people asked for it to be. ROK had so much solo content players were mad and begged SOE to add just group/raid content in the next expansion. So again they made it this way because people that play eq2 wanted it to be that way and you say that's a bad thing. Even though a 7 is an ok score I just can't agree it's fair. To score an expansion low because it gives eq players exactly what they have been wanting isn't a con. I haven't met anyone online that doesn't love this expansion. Please let eq players review expansions in the future IGN.