Call of Duty: World at War--ATI vs. Nvidia

Jason Cross writes:

"This time, the game on tap is the latest in the increasingly popular Call of Duty series, World at War. Sometimes referred to as Call of Duty 5, this entry in the series is developed by Treyarch (rather than series inventors Infinity Ward) and uses a slightly updated version of the engine Infinity Ward created for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Once again, players are thrust into World War II, this time focusing on the Pacific Theatre and Eastern Front."

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bumnut3696d ago

i have a q6600 and 512meg 4870.

i run it at 1920 x 1200 at almost max settings and i get an excellent framerate.

i can run it on max at about 35 fps but i prefer to have slightly less detail and more fps

Bolts3696d ago

Why do people even bother benchmarking CoD engine games, they're obsolete tech wise. Its like all those Unreal 3 benchmarks where the lowest score is 75 FPS. When a $120 card is blazing through Unreal 3 at over 75 FPS then the game or engine is no longer a factor in the benchmark.

kwicksandz3696d ago

Well people tried crysis and it makes their best cards still chug so i guess its a PR move?

bviperz3694d ago

i got a 9950 with gtx 260, same res max settings gives me 91 FPS solid.

Information Minister3696d ago

PS3 vs 360 wasn't enough. We just had to bring the fight to the PC, didn't we? Does anyone bother to simply enjoy the games anymore?