Nintendo Switch Pro Is a Pipedream - Sorry, Not Sorry

In this edition of COGconsiders, we explore reasons why it is not in Nintendo's best interest to develop a Nintendo Switch Pro. You've got everything you need for a better gaming experience already.

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Army_of_Darkness72d ago

Just wait for the switch 2. They will re-release definitive 1080p versions of switch games that were formally wiiU games. 😎

phoenixwing72d ago

I just want better resolution when in handheld mode

Jin_Sakai74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Better display, longer battery life, and improved design. You can’t get that from cloud gaming. The only thing you get from cloud gaming is 3rd party games with lag and video compression. We need Switch Pro and Switch 2.

phoenixwing74d ago

I agree with you there Jin. Not only is the handheld controls better and analogue but there's also the matter of exclusives or better nintendo games.

ThePacemaker73d ago

Can’t agree more. Switch Pro is a must to cope up with current new generation.

Profchaos72d ago

But given the components along with the cooling requirements of current gen I can't see a switch getting there any time soon

sinspirit72d ago


Hardware revisions and improvements come along to all forms of hardware. A huge boost in performance can be given in a Switch Pro.

iplay1up273d ago

Nintendo told developers "get your games ready for 4K." That was reported just a couple of months ago. Clearly they have something new coming out.

Zhipp72d ago

They might simply be getting devs ready for a Switch 2, though. It'll almost definitely be backwards compatible, and could realistically release within 2 years.

ApocalypseShadow73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Screw all the Switch Pro rumors. Let's see Nintendo dive fully into portable VR that would light a fire underneath Sony to counter, and would make Facebook tremble that Nintendo joined the party. They already dipped their foot into the water with Labo VR. It's now time to jump in.

Call it Nintendo's "Virtual Man 4K." The real Nintendo VR and not in name only like Virtual "Boy." A stand alone headset that has BC with Switch games that can be played on a large virtual cinema screen. Plays VR games with launch games like Mario VR. Direct competition for Astrobot. Mario Kart VR, Mario Sports like Bowling, Archery and Tennis. With ports of the best mass market VR games like Beat Saber, Super Hot, Job Simulator, etc that have multi player modes. While launching one or two Nintendo IPs.

Yup. Nintendo's Virtual Man 4K. 4K OLED screen, 6dof, external cameras that track controllers and allow AR gaming and has that Nintendo TOUCH. 4 Virtual Man owners can be in the same room and play VR and AR games together.

Virtual Man 4K. $299. Let's go!

Zhipp72d ago

Standalone does seem to be the ideal form for VR, and that would be right up Nintendo's alley.... But I just don't see Nintendo taking that kind of risk. Not when they've already struck gold with the Switch.

Still, the thought of Mario Tennis VR does get me hyped, I can't lie.

ApocalypseShadow72d ago

Yeah. I doubt they will but you never know. I just threw that out there after Labo VR. And I don't want Facebook to continue being unopposed in the stand alone market. I left in Cinema Screen because it would allow Switch games and beyond to be played on a bigger screen than a tablet.

My idea of opening gamers minds beyond just more power and clearer screens. Which I'm glad Sony took risks on console VR and a new console controller for PS5 beyond the system upgrades.

Nintendo used to take risks as well and I'd like for them to continue to do so. We need more than one company trying to expand gaming. Unless all that Nintendo fans want is just a better portable with more power. And that's cool. But I stopped buying portables as I'm not traveling enough or in need of a portable system unless it's something brand new like VR and AR.

sinspirit72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I don't think the portable aspect would mean anything realistically aside from a wireless VR. Yeah, I could bring it places, but VR needs a clear space for use, so your living room will still be the place to go. You can have a wireless VR without a portable system though so it's not something only the Switch could get.

I am not actually a big fan of room scale VR. I enjoy it but I just wish more VR games would expect you to be seated and looking just to take advantage of the 3D and motion tracking for combat and interaction. It's still iffy on the analog movement for games and people still defend the teleport mechanic like it's not a problem, which I find to be really ridiculous but I understand why it's what they resort to.

ApocalypseShadow72d ago

I use my PSVR and never move more than 2 feet. Probably not even 1 foot. I play mostly standing and only sit down for applicable games. Analog sticks pretty much kill the idea of room scale, but I do think it should be an option for VR for the right games.

BigTrain73d ago

Nintendo's been dead to anyone with man hands since the Switch came out anyway. Screw them.

Zhipp72d ago

The Pro controller is bigger than the dualshock 4, though?

Or maybe you're an Xbox/PC gamer?

gamer780472d ago

I use it only in docked or standup mode with a third party pro controller, the analog nubs just don’t work for anything serious unless I’m messing about

curtain_swoosh72d ago

haha thats so true. i had to buy a pro controller to actually play games on it, since its always docked.
but even my mum has trouble playing with the joy cons and shes fairly small lol

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