PlatinumGames says it doesn’t expect Japanese creators to shun PS5

A recent report accused Sony of “not taking Japan seriously” amid low launch figures.

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potatoseal303d ago

Nobody thought they would. It was all made up clickbait bullshit because Sony's allotment of PS5's for the Japanese launch was a lower number than in previous years. That's it. In case you haven't noticed. The demand everywhere in the world is through the roof. No country has enough PS5's. Every country has too few PS5's.

Oh because they censor some cartoon titties and change the X button to the circle button in Japan, that suddenly devs are going to leave behind an install base of PS4/PS5 around 130 million, with the PS5 install base growing faster than any console in history for the time period since it has launched, when you align launch periods for any console? Oh and because 1 dev left that was a Producer on the Demon's souls team and 1 other dev somewhere else? All these dots were connected by idiots building up a mountain of clickbait.

gamer7804302d ago

Japan does love their creative freedom though in their games so it is a factor, that and the switch is handheld and small which their culture loves. So this will affect their sales somewhat atleast as the switch moves in as their preferred device.

CobraKai302d ago

Wait! They changed the X to O? I gotta look this up.

potatoseal301d ago

Well they changed the 'cancel' button. I believe in Japan it was always press 'X' to cancel. Ours has always been 'circle' to cancel. Now, universally it will be 'circle' to cancel, even in Japan.

CobraKai301d ago

Oh. Got it. I remember them specifically chose those symbols to correspond with action, cross was like crossing something out. Circle was like circling your choice.

SullysCigar303d ago

Who on Earth thought this might happen? Did I miss something? lol

Apart from anything else, Tokyo just experienced a mad rush at the shops to grab a PS5 and we all know devs don't shun money!

gamer7804302d ago

It started because Japan has started to favor switch more due to their love of handhelds and freedom From most censorship. That doesn’t mean it’s going to shun ps5 , it’s sold like gangbusters worldwide and it would be stupid to not release a good amount of games for it.

glennhkboy302d ago

The big size of PS5 does make it less desirable to the Japanese market than to the rest of the world. Japanese consumer like their product small & neat.

gamer7804302d ago

@glenn that is true and the move to Cali for their hq has led to undesirable certification processes. They’ll still make games for it but not quite as many and if they do they’ll be censored. Glad I own a switch as well. Just hope the upgraded version comes out soon

Vits303d ago

A small very specific type of creator will. Not because Sony is giving the finger to Japan. But out of necessity as those games aren't allowed in platform anymore.

But for the rest. It would be a pretty stupid idea. Even if the Switch is the bigger market, is not like there aren't sales to be have on the PS5. Even more if those games are planned to be sold overseas.

Vits302d ago

Stop what? It's only the true buddy.

RememberThe357301d ago

Are we assuming vits is talking about porn games? Seems like a pretty reasonable comment to me 🤔 Sony don't want no porn games, watcha gonna do? 🤷‍♂️

Silly gameAr303d ago

No one with common sense would think that. There are people mad at Sony for shunning loli games, but if they think that will be enough to stop the Playstation brand in Japan, they really need to let go of their personal fantasy and come back down to reality.

CyberSentinel302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

I like to play ALL types of games, including the visual novels that are being censored, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If Sony wants to be “Woke”, then I will just continue to buy my games from PlayAsia, for the Nintendo Switch....period.

My money, My choice.

Silly gameAr302d ago (Edited 301d ago )

You do what you want with your money, and the people that don't care, and not trying to be fighters for justice against big bad Sony for taking your 10 year old boobs away, will do what they want with theirs.


I'm somewhat of a weeb myself, but I'm not the type that is into lolicon or the games where a girl that is supposed to be 14, has the body of a hentai babe. That's the games that Sony and apparently MS too, are against. If Sony was really into censorship like these people want you to believe, there would be no games like Senran Kagura, which is a series that I love.

Teflon02302d ago

You'll be surprised by the blind weeb babies all over lol.

They really think Sony will lose all support because of censorship of underage girls in Japanese anime games lol and this is coming from me, a guy who buys ever Neptunia title and bought Ryza 2 on PS5 day one, own 1 it on pc and PS4, got Atelier from Arland to Shallie on Vita, and have all arland on PS4, had the Mysterious games. Have a BUNCH of Idea factory games including Date a live on PS4 and PC. Own Senran Estival on Vita, 100% on PC, 100% Re on PC and plat Shinovi on Vita. To you and me it's obvious, but to a person who plays these games and lacks the ability to see a different point of view and doesn't actually care for the fanservice. It really is news to them lmao. They'll tell you Sony's going under, like they think FUNimation has been doing horrible when they've been doing the best ever as of late lol. They think to the point Sony is censoring them and that FUNimation means censorship but CR doesn't despite CR censoring shows and FUNimation being one of the ones to start the uncensored trend lol

Never underestimate how crazy these ppl can be

CyberSentinel302d ago

I don’t think Sony is going to “lose all support” because they chose to censor a niche genre of games. What I’m saying is I’m an adult, and I have options, and I chose to support companies that don’t support censorship.

RememberThe357301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

I have always been weirded out by fanservice stuff. But the children as sexual objects actually pisses me off. That's a whole other level. I grew up watching tons of anime and every time I saw a show that put a child or a character that looked like a child in a sexual position I was out. I'm glad that chimo shit isn't popular. I get that there are aspects I just don't understand that aren't chimo but it's just too much like it IMO.

VersusDMC302d ago

There will be a ton of PS5 available in japan when the exclusive FFXVI releases. Till then they don't need that many. Especially since Monster Hunter Rise is about to come out on Switch which is expected to blow up in Japan, which will take away PS5 hype over there.

DJStotty302d ago

FFXVI is a 12 month timed console-exclusive

DJStotty302d ago

For 6 months, 12 on console.

Xbox articles get nuked for claiming something to be "exclusive" when it is "timed". A load of nonsense if you ask me. I'll just wait for the Series X launch :-p

Teflon02302d ago


In Japan chances are it won't even release on Xbox and will likely stay a PS5 exclusive. That's just the honest thing about that situation. Also they're talking the games release, it's a bit different then saying a games a complete exclusive when Sony is being honest. But the launch of it will be and the don't play Xbox there. So it'll be when they need to make sure they keep up with demand.

But on another note. If they were saying this without that context. I'd agree with that

Nacho_Z302d ago (Edited 302d ago )


I'll have to take your word for that. I'm nowhere near sad enough to waste time in the comments section of articles on a console I'm not interested in.

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