GoldenEye 007 Remaster Gameplay Footage Surfaces

GoldenEye 007 Remaster gameplay has surfaced showcasing the campaign and multiplayer! Lleaker states that the game will be released sometime this year.

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Gridknac143d ago

Ahh come on, they could have at least modernized the damn graphics. That looks like a 360 port. I mean really, if you were gonna change that much why not go all in.

Vegamyster143d ago

It was going to be a cheap XBL game in 2007, the graphics are still significantly better than the original game, where they got the full game that actually runs on an emulator is anyone's guess.

Double_O_Revan143d ago

Read the video title of XBLA (2007). This was a 360 game. The game was about 90% complete when Microsoft and Nintendo couldn't reach an agreement, I'm guessing about royalty payments, which in turn shut the whole project down.

SmokinAces143d ago

Cause its a remaster not a remake.

fr0sty143d ago

We went from N64 to PS2...

Orchard143d ago

"That looks like a 360 port"

Imagine a 360 game looking like a 360 game. I am shocked.

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mkis007144d ago

I thought it was well known this exists on a drive at Rare.

gamesftw250143d ago

Many leaked files have been out but not playable. I do wonder where the video creator got the file from.

Double_O_Revan143d ago

Yea. Footage of this leaked years ago. Not this much, but some.

Fishy Fingers143d ago

This is how my brain chooses to remember the N64 version....

Weapon_of_choice142d ago

And Mario 64 and dare I say Wave Race? I liked it...

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The story is too old to be commented.