Star Citizen Videos Show Hercules Starlifter & Dynamic Events as Crowdfunding Passes $343 Million

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to release new videos about the upcoming space simulator.

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rlow172d ago

Looks release a game. He talks about the player experience but unless you release a game to actually do all these cool things, its just talk. Hopefully, someday we'll have an actual game.

RazzerRedux72d ago

Star Citizen is an "actual game" that you can play right now.

rlow171d ago

So its a completed game? That has full AI and a story mode to go through. Because thats the first I've heard. Yes you can fly ship around, but do they actually have missions and a full fledge game.

RazzerRedux71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Is it "complete"? No, but that doesn't mean it isn't playable or that is an "actual game". The rest of what you describe sounds a lot like Microsoft Flight Simulator. No AI to speak of. No story mode. You fly a ship around. No missions. Is it a full fledged game? Yes, it is. Just like Star Citizen. Difference is, SC is creating a galaxy. Not just recreating planet Earth. Scope is key.

There are plenty of videos showing what you can do in the game on youtube.

rlow171d ago

I guess I'm skeptical because they promised a game so long ago. They have a single player that I imagine is finished but haven't released that as far as I know. I also think of those that have spent big dollars and I imagine it has to be somewhat of a disappointment that it has taken so long.... All that said, I really hope they get there, because the promise of the game and its scope is amazing. I do see the progress they are making and the attention to detail (space burgers anyone). If they can really nail it then it won't have an equal for some time to come. But I think it deserves some criticism, because of the promise they made in the early days and haven't followed through on in terms of a full on game. But thanks for sharing the videos its good to see that it's improving and having greater interaction. Peace